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    I'm just an American & Puerto Rican gal, who absolutely adores Asian culture. I'm talking webtoons/manga/manhwa, television (dramas & anime), films, music, food, & entertainers (artists, actors, etc.) from all over East Asia. Honestly, I've been an OTAKU since childhood (Dragon Ball, Cowboy Bepop, Sailor Moon, Pokemon, Naruto, etc.). And I'm still very much addicted to manga & anime. 

  You can follow me on instagram @asianfusion_ where I post reviews, thoughts, & other entertainment-related things on webtoons/manga/manhwa, anime, dramas, films, music, & entertainers from all over East Asia. If you're skimming through my lists in my bio (on mydramalist) please note that most of the ratings are purposely not filled because I find the rating system here a bit complex. On my IG page I use a simple grading system of A+ to F                                                                


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