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Hello mdl peeps!

My name is Inês and I'm from Portugal. Watching dramas and movies is something I do to forget my own problems for a bit. It's more than a hobbie. It's now part of who I am and mdl is one of the places where I feel like I can take a break when life gets too overwhelming.
Below you'll find some of the highlights (may contain spoilers) of the amazing ride I've been on since 2015, when I watched my first asian drama, right after I got into the world of K-Pop.

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My latest obsession

(a.k.a. the drama I'm protecting at all costs because it's so freaking good, dON'T EVEN FIGHT ME ON THIS OR I CAN GET AGRESSIVE, you've been warned) 



(I know this ended a while ago but I'm still not over these characters, don't judge me)


Favorite Female Characters

  tumblr_o0r3mynip01scm9d0o1_r2_400.gif  tumblr_nw1ykpNxZc1urc8u7o5_r1_400.gif              Hong Seol (Cheese In The Trap)                                  Kang Yeon Doo (Sassy Go Go)

    tumblr_oa55cpaeOL1rvbzggo8_r1_400.gif     tumblr_oj4f4kzrst1tb15h5o1_400.gif

                  Oh Hae Young (Another Miss Oh)                                      Ji Eun Tak (Goblin)


Choi Ae Ra (Fight For My Way)

Favorite Male Characters 

tumblr_inline_o0qvppmz0T1svkpeh_540.gif         tumblr_nj4nscjMm01qmm6lho6_250.gif

            Yoo Jung (Cheese In The Trap)                                  Ko Yi Seok (Heart to Heart)


tumblr_nwvqxbcrq71uezol6o1_r1_500.gif          tumblr_nhfa4su0n31rjjno5o7_400.gif                             Ha Joon (Sassy Go Go)                                                                                  Jung Hoo (Healer)  

giphy.gif      tumblr_inline_o9r54rXd171qelu2x_500.gif

                  Park Hae Young (Signal)                                 Je Soo Ho (Lucky Romance)


       Wang So (Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo)                                       Kim Shin (Goblin)


Dong Man (Fight For My Way)

Favorite Bromances

tumblr_nxm1hfeeGH1u4xdf3o1_400.gif              tumblr_nswqpedGQa1ucmhkdo1_400.gif         Ha Joon x Kim Yeol (Sassy Go Go)                                 Lee Min x Lee Hyeon (I Remember You)


Goblin x Grim Reaper (Goblin)

Favorite Scene Stealers

        tumblr_o9jummyg4P1uq4zv4o2_400.gif     tumblr_o9jummyg4P1uq4zv4o4_r1_400.gif

                                             Jin Sang and Soo Kyung (Another Miss Oh)



Squad Goals










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