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Me: love fiction of all varieties, TV, movies, novels, fanfiction, roleplay (DnD) and videogames. Something about different worlds and lives really draws me in. You also learn something about other people, cultures and ways of life/thought.

I'm slightly scared of social media of any kind. Its scary that other people can target you with hatred and scary that things I write could be interpreted as attacking. I try really hard not to be mean, and most of the  time mean well. Differing opinions can really be a minefield online. 

Mostly I watch Korean and Thai dramas, with some Japanese and Chinese dramas in between. Tried one Philippine drama but  haven't really gotten into it. Also - I think my watchlist is pretty full already. I have a tendency to start watching a show, get really excited and then bail when the obligatory problems arrive.... So I have a soft spot for fluff dramas as they tend to be able to keep me until the end. So when you look at my watchlist beware: the dramas I've finished are in one of three categories. 1) Good but not angsty, 2) Angsty but too good to give up, or 3) didn't make me emotionally invested so I didn't give a hoot about the problems the characters faced. 

I have a huge softspot for romance dramas. True love or at least super duper monogamous love is almost a requirement. Love arranged marriages, forced living together arrangements, unexpected pregnancy, in general anything that kind of forces to people together without them really having  a say in in and them having to deal with it. I also like BL, which I think tie into my like of unconventional romances or "forbidden romances". 

Good things about Asian television:

Outlandish plotlines - the whole point of TV is for me to get away from real life so I like that realism isn't a huge restraint on the writing. It's also a great tool for innovation, a limitless blank canvas for the writers imagination. 

Sweet romances - the way skinship and saying "I like you" have a stronger meaning and therefore a single look can say so much. Though the prudish aspect can be kinda annoying or unreal it does add a layer of suspense and tension that really pays of once the characters act on their feelings. 

Bad things about Asian television:

Love triangles - I'm in it for TRUE love and that's kind of hard to believe when the main character has feelings for two people. And I also get a cheating vibe - no thanks. The worst kind of triangle is when there is a strictly monogamous love connection between the leads but the second leads keeps butting in and the leads don't really set boundaries. You should protect the one you love from being hurt because you allow someone else who's in love with you to remain too close. 

Misunderstandings - especially when purposefully withholding information creates huge misunderstandings. You know, when the character is so mad at their romantic partner and instead of being rational and clearing things up they get petty. I just feel its an overused and extremely stupid plotline. 

Stupidity - well who'd like stupid characters or plotlines? I feel writers waaaay to often rely on this to create drama, especially in lakorns. It's pretty hard to root for characters who refuse to change their initial impression of someone, or who just senselessly believes malicious rumours, or is super prejudiced. Or what about when a character is in mortal danger and still doesn't listen to instructions from their protector? Ugh!

Haha in general I dislike more romantic problem creating plot devices: love triangle drama, miscommunication, amnesia, break ups for the other partners own good... etc. There are soooo many other ways of creating dramatic friction, why do they always choose such lame ways to do it :.

Rare but appreciated aspects of Asian drama: 

Humour - when done right it is awesome! I love the more subtle humour and misunderstanding humour :) 

Moderate love rivals - if there is a love rivalry over the male lead I really like it when the second female is nice and knows when to stop. Maybe it is the feminist in me but girlpower over catfights always. Though this us not the case most of the time, the few dramas that has this is definitely elevated from my pong of view. 

Here is a table of my current feelings towards specific countries content - very very generalised so don't take to seriously. 

KoreanMostly solid production value
A lot of good content
Mix between serious and "feel-good".
Too many cliche plotlines
Can lack "oomph!"
Different from Korean or Western TV
Feel good level = high 
Low production value
Trivialises sexual violence 
ChineseLonger dramas -  more to experience
Less "plastic" than Korean dramas
Longer dramas - I get bored
Incoherent plotlines
JapaneseMore real  - heavier plotlines
Crazy plots
Some of the best dramas
Not really my cup of tea
Either to silly or to serious

My first drama: "The girl in tassel earring".  And I have honestly no idea why I started watching it - why did I suddenly start watching a Chinese TV show? And why that one? It isn't particularly famous or cohesive.... But something about it drew me in and I realised that Asian dramas might be an unexplored treasure. Haven't finished it yet since it didn't have all episodes with subs at the time. Maybe I'll pick it up soon.


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