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Hi there,

I am glad you came across my account...stay back for a min and send me friend request! 

I am a 30 something Indian girl, who is totally addicted to Korean drama and movies and now trying to learn some Korean :)

CONFESSION: My craze for Korean Drama's began in 2012 with You're Beautiful. It was a major culture shock for me then, on how a girl could easily pass off to be a boy with those beautiful feminine features...and when I saw the male actors I was appalled at their weird dressing style and how feminine they were as well!!! HAHAHAHA....but one super smile from JANG GUEN SUK and I was floored! ;) ;) ;)
I still go weak in the knees when I see Guen Suk smile...hands down he has the best smile! 
Right now Ji Chang Wook rules my heart though! ;)

So here I am...hoping to meet many K-Drama crazy friends and have a clique of our own where we can chatter and banter to our hearts content! 



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