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"You are the size of the world that you know"

Hi there stalker , it's fine you can look at my secrets^.^.

Just kidding XD welcome to my low rated profile, or in another words the profile of a girl that is a little lazy to do better XD. I am tsundere, but Tsun is fine too.

Thing you will hate about myself

-->My lazyness for everything (inclundig doing my degree in the right way)

--> I am not very social (i can change i swear >.<) so i don't do regular updates (as you can see,or not, i am doing my profile for the 1st time in 2017. my first entry in this site was in 2013, and i was active back them, sort of)

Thing you will love about myself.......

--> Good point....NEXT!!!!


--> Handwritting my reviews of every drama that i watch in a notebook

--> Dancing (self taught Contemporary Dancer) ((and yes i dance kpop too TT.TT don't walk shame please))

--> Writting reviews and profiles at 4 am XD

So i think this is the important stuff, for more info please contact the next unvailable number 0000 0000  00010! or just PM XD

"See the positive side of the negative"


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