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Imaginary Cat
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by Marooya

Jan 13, 2016
8 of 8 episodes seen
Completed 2
Overall 9.5
Story 8.0
Acting/Cast 10.0
Music 7.0
Rewatch Value 8.0
**This is a very personal review** "Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains UNAWAKENED" I wholeheartedly agree and believe in every word. I cried myself to sleep every time I finished one ep of this drama it's been a wonderful but painful journey. I'm not someone who cries easily not in real life and not for movies or dramas. Imaginary Cat touches a personal issue for me and every ep it felt "bittersweet". I'd laugh while watching and cry while sleeping. The drama has brought back beautiful flashbacks (which I never forgot) but it has also torn my heart into pieces like no drama ever did. I'm a pet owner who had her heart torn into pieces the moment she lost her beloved companion and it took me forever to collect the pieces. I knew if I start this drama it would kill me a thousand times every time I watch that beautiful friendship that wonderful inexplainable bond, though I knew it I couldn't stop myself from doing so. I didn't care how many times this will kill me I didn't care how long will it take me I to recover and move on after this I just had to watch it (Bok Gil is a Scottish Fold cat and my cat was a Scottish Fold how can I possibly not watch it?). This drama is a gift to all those who lost a beloved pet, it's a gift sent to me how can I not watch it... Thank you Imaginary Cat Team for this priceless gift to me and to all animal lovers and pet owners in the dramaland. Finally a drama which speaks of the beautiful bond between a human and an animal. Finally This wonderful bond this amazing relationship this unconditional love this unexplained attachment is presented in K drama. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Imaginary Cat: Story Jong Hyun (Yoo Seung Hoo) is an orphan, he has problem socialising with people. He find it hard to express his feelings so he ends up isolating himself from others. He has lost someone he cared for in a tragic way and from that point on Jong Hyun has always been building up walls between him and any person who approaches him. He is cold and mean on the surface because he doesn't want to open up to anyone but his cat Bok Gil. Though Bok Gil is a cat in the drama they make it easy for you to understand her character through her thoughts (narrative voice). This is a beautiful story between two abandoned friends/companions who found each other. Jong Hyun's love for Bok Gil and their relationship is something beyond words, words never could describe the bond between humans and pets it's forever a mystery only people who owns pets understands. Give this drama a chance and look beyond what the description is trying to say and maybe you can feel it and understand it too. While watching Imaginary Cat eps I envied every moment and every scene between Jong Hyun and Bok Gil, watching them together was both happiness and despair it was a reminder that I no longer have those moments anymore all I have are flashbacks and an everlasting pain. Acting If you see the scenes between those two (Jong Hyun and Bok Gil) you will hardly believe its acting!! Those two were flawless!! You can act/fake out relationship between humans but how can you act fake out relationship with an animal? this isn't a just normal pet story the story is completely focused on the relationship between those two. As a pet owner myself I must say the chemistry The love displayed here didn't feel fake or acted out those two were so believably breathtaking. You Seung Hoo: the more I watch him the more I'm proud of him. When this boy cries my heart truly aches he is the only actor that does that to me. YSH and the cat were perfect combination I don't think it would have felt the same without YSH I'm sincerely thankful and gratful to him for taking this role. The cat owner should be very proud of her I know I am. Music Beautiful melodies Rewatch How can I not rewatch it I would gladly take all the pain of rewatching it again if I can enjoy watching those two again. Bittersweet. Overall To some this might be a silly drama and to some this might be cute drama, I know it's hard to sell a drama such as this one unless you are a pet owner yourself. I don't know if my review did this drama justice it may be a selfish emotional review (I apologise if it feels this way to you) I only know that it's only right to express my sincerest feelings for the drama. This review has been written with my tears all over it, I hope there is someone out there who loved this drama in the passionate way I did
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