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I'm majoring in japanese but I also study chinese (mandarin) and korean.
At first I started to watch asian dramas for practice, to better understand everyday conversations and customs, but obviously I stuck in dramaland. 1.gif

If I would spend the unthinkable amount of time which I spend watching dramas studying then I would spend my time more meaningful but I wouldn't have nearly as much fun. 16.gif

And actually my listening comprehension has vastly improved. - Or at least I tend to reassure myself with this. 4.gif

My rating is purely subjective:

6 - I didn't like it - 

More like: Why did I watch it??? I just really didn't get it. (I don't drop or speed watch.)


7 - Could have been better -

Dramas/movies which I would loved to like but I just didn't. Frustrating when they have potential but don't live up to it.


8 - It was entertaining -

For me the dramas/movies start with this rating and by the end get their final rating. So which get 8 are the pieces that weren't bad enough to hate and weren't good enough to love but not a waste of time.


9 - I liked it -

Dramas/movies which was really good except for 1-2 characters/scenes/actions/plot twists.


10 - I loved it -

I fairly easily give 10, the drama/movie 'just' have to move me. If I feel for the characters and like the plot, I'll give it a 10. Actually I really love when the characters have good friendships, so if they portray it believable then I likely give good rating regardless of the shortcomings.


Top dramas/movies lists: All sentimental favorites.

Top actors list: They're the most versatile and exceptionally talented actors I've seen (except for Kame - I just love him). 105.gif

Additional lists under 'Lists'... obviously. 10.gif

Thanks to the inordinate amount of idol dramas (or idols in dramas) which I watched so far I somewhat know J-POP and K-POP but I mostly listen to J-ROCK.'arc--en--ciel.jpg


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