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I've been in love with Japanese dramas since mid-2008. 

I do not have a favourite genre since I watch pretty much every kind of dramas, from tokusatsu to romance (I just don't like horror). I can as well choose to watch a drama because someone I like is in it or because I feel like the plot is interesting.=D 

My favourite Japanese actor is Satoh Takeru (basically because I think he is the best actor of his generation) but my favourite Japanese talent is Takaki Yuya (from Hey! Say! JUMP).

As for the actresses, I love Toda Erika and Takei Emi, and my favourite girl talent is former AKB Shinoda Mariko.

I am really into Johnny's Entertainment, mainly Hey! Say! JUMP, NEWS and Sexy Zone. I am also very fond of Tamamori Yuta and Matsumura Hokuto

I'm also closely following the work of many actors from Amuse.

Feel free to friend me if we have anything (or even nothing) in common \o/


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