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Minna-san konichiwa!

About me:
26 year-old, final year med student with Cardiovascular surgery as a major. 

Languages I can speak other than my mother tongue:

-French: 100%: Educational language.

-English: 90%: I always want to learn more.

-Italian 90%: One of my favourite languages on earth.

-Japanese 50%: I've been learning it for not so long and I am halfway through with it.

My picks in dramas and films:

My journey with dramas started about 7 to 10 years ago when they used to air Korean drama on our national TV. I saw many interesting dramas back then mainly Melodramas. Sad Love Song and Autumn's Tale made me cry a bucket that's why after I came back to dramaland two years ago; I decided to never watch melodramas again, I can be a crybaby.
So my addiction started two years ago but I wasn't watching dramas regularly until about a year ago. 

From my list you would notice that I am films' person rather than dramas. I love horror and thriller films the most. My favourite horror films are the Japanese and the ones from Thailand. 
As for thrillers, I like Chinese and Korean ones the most. 
When it comes to dramas, I usually watch detective and mystery dramas especially Japanese but sometimes I watch romantic comedies and romance oriented dramas to change the air.

My ratings are 70% subjective and 30% objective.

CheerfulSoul is my kouhai (Junior) in med school and the one who introduced me to MDL. 



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