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My name is Lily, 24 years old French girl but I've been in Italy for quite sometime.

 I'm married and I have two boys (twins).

My Journey with dramas:

It's been almost 2 years since I started watching dramas and I was immediately drowned into this beautiful world. I prefer Korean dramas, I saw a respectable amount of Japanese dramas but I didn't watch too many Taiwanese dramas.

The reasons I watch Asian Dramas:

1. The beautiful and sometimes dreamy stories.

2. Different plots from what I used to watch before.

3. I love discovering new cultures and languages.

4. There are good actors in Asian Dramas.

5. They're short.

6. Of course because there are some faces who bring out the fangirl in me.

Favorite genres:

Romantic-Comedy: Even though I really hate the dumb rom-com but if it's a mature romantic story then I would love it.

Action-Romance: Anything with this genre make me excited and happy to watch it but sadly it doesn't exist that much in Dramaland.

My ratings:

My ratings are 100% subjective.

10: I loved it in a way that made it look perfect to me.

9  : I loved it but it has a little something preventing it from perfection.

8  : I loved it but it had many missing things.

7  : I liked it but it could have been so much better (story dragging or slow)

6  : I didn't like it and I didn't dislike it, it's in the middle with a deviation to bad.

5  : I disliked it in a way that I slightely regret watching it.

I have nothing below 5 so far because I tend to choose dramas carefully so that I won't hate it; That's probably the reason I don't drop dramas or put them on hold.

Random other things I enjoy doing:


Playing with my kids.

Going on long drives with my husband.

Spending Sundays in my parents house.

Meeting with friends.

Playing tennis.

Planning for holidays.

Attending parties.




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