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My name is Ceren I'm from Turkey. 

Let me tell you how my addiction started my fellow drama addicts. It was 2007 and I was a hopeful, young, and bored high school senior visiting her grandparents. I turned on the TV and here it was. My very first Asian Drama 'Goong'.  After watching an episode I was intrigued but not a full-on addict. I watched the remaining episodes online and then came across 'every high school girl's unhealthy popular guy fantasy' a.k.a  'Hana Yori Dango'. That was it for me.  I was an official addict. I ripped my Leonardo Di Caprio poster from the wall. I wanted to replace it with a poster of my 'Japanese Idol with glorious perm' but couldn't find any. Do you know why? Because it was 2007 and we were considered lame back then.

Still, I persisted. I am still a proud ARASHI and Matsumoto Jun fan to this day. Thankfully he dresses up like this now.  

I'm always in search of a good drama from any country. If you have a drama recommendation I would love to watch it :) 

Feel free to add and message me !!

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