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Hello everyone!

I'm Ceren 30 years old Format Manager and screenwriter from Turkey.  

 I've been watching Asian Dramas since 2008. My First K- Drama was Goong and My First J-drama was Hana Yori Dango.

I'm an ARASHI fan and  Matsumoto Jun is my ultimate bias. Yes, I'm a Jun-bait  ^^

What does Format Manager do? 

Everyone asks this. It's basically every drama watchers dream job. It was mine :) I watch TV series and if I think a drama is suitable for Turkish viewers I buy their remake rights for the production company I work for and we do a remake of it.

We produced 6 Asian drama remakes so far.

She Was Pretty -Seviyor, Sevmiyor 

Smile You - Gulumse Yeter 

Mother - Anne 

Woman- Kadin

Shinning Inheritance - Elimi Birakma

 One Litre of Tears - Bir Litre Gozyasi

I'm always in a search for a good drama from any country. If you have a drama recommendation I would love to watch it :) 

Feel free to add and message me !!


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