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I grew up on HK dramas, went on to watch TW drama and Jdramas during my teens and early 20s with sprinkles of Kdramas here and there. After a brief Kdrama phase, I've been mostly stuck catching up on Cdramas . Jdramas just get to sit in the backlog looking pretty. I also consume copious amount of anime, manga and web novels (thanks a lot cdramas!). 

My ratings are on the low side, based on themes + enjoyment + execution. I like a number of my 6s, they are just there because they are way too tropey. I'll rec fair amount of my 7s if fit your genre preference, 8 is generally a go to rec level. Anything above it tend to be favourites for various reasons. (HK dramas are on the low side because I only have vague impression of them, they'll get rerated if I ever rewatch them)


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