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Hi! I hope you're having a wonderful day!

I started watching Korean dramas because I got tired of how unreasonably long American dramas are, with no real conclusion and the plot spiraling out of control just for the sake of keeping the TV show going. What I love about Korean dramas is that they have such well thought-out plots and wonderful cinematography and OST's that you just can't help but get sucked in and binge-watch them.

Things I generally look for in a drama are well developed plot (I'm most often drawn to the "bigger-than-you" trope) romance, comedy, and happy endings. I am not a big fan of love triangles or bittersweet endings.  I don't watch a whole bunch of historical dramas because they tend to be long and drawn out that are too bitter/tragic for my tastes, but I do occasionally find balanced historical dramas that hold my interest. 

Here's my list of "if you haven't watched it already, I'd recommend..." Please check it out and if you do decide to try one, let me know your thoughts!

Message me if you want to talk dramas - I am always happy and excited to fan girl with someone else! I also enjoy tandem watching dramas so reach out if you're interested! :}

Below are some of my all-time favorite dramas. Even though many of them have imperfections, which are likely noted in my reviews, they were overall wonderful in their enjoyment value for me and they stuck with me over time.

Go Back Couple {Soula Review}                                                Reply 1997 {Soula Review} 

 Welcome2Life {Soula Review}                                                You're All Surrounded {Soula Review}

Hit the Top {Soula Review}                                                            My Country: The New Age {Soula Review}  


 Sassy Go Go {Soula Review}                                                         Eulachacha Waikiki {Soula Review}


The Romance of Tiger and Rose {Soula Review}                      Pinocchio {Soula Review}


Super Daddy Yeol {Soula Review}                                                It's Okay to Not Be Okay {Soula Review} 

My Princess {Soula Review}                                                           Please Come Back, Mister {Soula Review}

And if you are interested in some movies, here's what I'd recommend:

Twenty {Soula Review}

Midnight Runners {Soula Review}

The Dude In Me {Soula Review}

Miss & Mrs. Cop {Soula Review}

Wonderful Nightmare {Soula Review}

Love Forecast {Soula Review}

Life Risking Romance {Soula Review}

Juror 8 {Soula Review}

The Flu {Soula Review}

Have a wonderful day! Happy drama watching!



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