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One Smile is Very Alluring chinese movie review
One Smile is Very Alluring
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by missraichyl
Sep 1, 2017
Overall 9.0
Story 9.0
Acting/Cast 10.0
Music 9.0
Rewatch Value 10.0
This review may contain spoilers
I didn’t really go into this movie expecting anything because of all the comments I read and I pushed off watching it because I didn’t want to know if it was bad or good. But I finally sat down and watched it and while it isn’t the best movie, it’s far from the worst. In movies, I don’t mind if they’re fast paced, some have to be. No one wants to sit through a 4 hour movie- I’ve done it. I got bored. So when changing a story or a fifty episode drama to a movie, things are going to get cut, you’ll miss half the story but let me tell you- this movie is not bad- it’s good! It’s not going to get tons of praise from a lot of people but I was smiling so much at the end and it left me feeling so happy. Not only leaving me with good feelings, but the actors delivered their parts which were probably challenging and they did it so well that (Personal Opinion) I would honestly choose to watch this over the drama. I’m not shaming the drama- I love it too! It’s listed in my favorites but this movie earned a spot as well. This movie gave me the giddy-feels and I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face.

Story: Though I can see why people say the things they do about the movie, I really didn’t see any problems with the movie as a whole. It is rushed and if you go in without watching the drama or reading the story, you might be confused because of the missing, finer details. This movie does deviate from the drama. I can’t say anything about the novel as I have yet to read it. Also, the ending was rushed because a lot of the time is spent building up to the first meeting and mapping out the characters, leaving the rest of the movie with about 40~ minutes.

When it comes to the cinematography, I love this film. It couldn’t be more toward my taste of films. The indie vibe it brings and how everything seems real, like it’s not some set of stage... It gives the genuine feel of a college campus and habitat. I love the way the cameras capture certain scenes and the places they used. It fit my taste perfectly.

Cast/Acting: I loved the chemistry between the two leads. When I first watched it, I felt something was lacking but in my re-watches, I don’t think I would change either one out. They fit their roles perfectly and I loved their chemistry; I think I was still in the head-space for the drama on my first watch with so many reservations that I spent it mostly comparing and seeing it through comment’s eyes. Upon re-watching, it was a whole new world and I was so much more open to it. The New Year's scene was really what did me in for the couple the first time around. Everything just melted together and you could see them as a couple. If it didn’t hit you before, this scene will get you.

I like Angelababy’s Bei Wei Wei. I like how more “real” she seemed. She wasn’t so shy and quiet but a little more out there, more confident with who she is and what she likes. I like how they did a spot light when we are hearing her inner thoughts instead of a simple voice over, which adds more to her character than one would think. I also really like her reactions as Bei Wei Wei. She’s not as stone-faced here. I feel like these kind of roles were made for her.

This is my first drama with Jing Boran! I don’t know much about him or who he acts, what roles he seems more comfortable with but I love him in this role. Xiao Nai is probably an incredibly hard role to pull off: a talented guy who is very reserved but strong minded, great at everything, super smart with good family relations and close-knit friend groups. It must be daunting but he did it and I loved him in this role.

Music: There are two types of music: scores and lyrical. In this movie, the director makes use of both to influence and help the watcher and guide emotions. The music fits with the movie so well and it’s more than background noise, it literally pulls you into the lead's head and you feel the uplifting happiness or the soul-crushing weight... Oh... this movie slayed me.

Re-watch? A thousand times yes. Positively would re-watch! The whole thing left me with butterflies! I love how their aspirations were combined and how they all started the company, how she rushed to his side, and UGHHH this movie... I love it- I love it to bits. Please watch it without comparing it. Go into it with an open mind and I'm sure you will love it as well!!!

This movie didn’t feel fake, like a set with strict areas to film and always having to watch where the camera goes because you don’t want to accidentally revel too much. It didn’t feel like that, like it did in Love O2O or like in a lot of CDrama’s- I know it’s usually because of budget and they’re set in old times, or college campuses, but it gave a very real vibe, like “We live here. This is our comfy zone.” Like when Bei Wei Wei is in the Computer Room or Xiao Nai is in his office. Same feelings.

I didn’t realize this until I saw the movie, but in the drama, probably around mid-point, it stops featuring the game and it made me sad because the game is what brought them together and I loved that element of the show, so I'm happy that in the movie, it didn't really disappear.

When it comes to the acting, as much as I love Yang Yang, I preferred movie couple more. I think both pairs lacked in spot-on chemistry, but I also think as both programs progressed, all the actors found their footing. In some moments, the Yang-Zheng relation felt forced and a bit awkward (stiff doll kisses) but I didn't get any of that from Angela-Boran's kiss. Yang Yang gave it his all while I think Zheng Shuang pulled back too much to be convincingly in love. I can tell why people would also criticizes Angelababy’s Wei Wei as she is more out there than Zheng Shuang’s Wei Wei, but Angelababy’s sat more comfortably with me and I felt more emotion from her. Yang Yang fits this role incredibly well but Jing Boran doesn’t seem to be lacking either- but I’m not that good at judging. Xaio Nai, as I stated before, is a very challenging character to pin down and if not done well he could come off as snobbish… so I have to say they both didn’t disappoint on the whole.
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