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Prosecutor Princess korean drama review
Prosecutor Princess
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by missraichyl
Feb 28, 2018
16 of 16 episodes seen
Overall 9.5
Story 8.5
Acting/Cast 10.0
Music 9.0
Rewatch Value 7.5
Okay so starting I actually dropped this drama halfway through the first episode. Hye Ri was so annoying that I couldn’t do it. She was a shrieking, spoiled mess- but, like 5 months later, I was on YT and watching some fan vids when one of this show popped up and color me intrigued. It took a while because Mad Dog came first and left me in a drama rut, so then I watched Return of Superman and then I finally began again and I’m actually hooked on it.

Also, I have the “Goodbye! Goodbyyyyye my princess,” stuck in my head. I don’t usually pay attention to music, usually it’s there and if I really like it, I go find it. But this tune- it’s not annoying and I don’t exactly want to go find it but I can’t help but like it at the same time.

All characters go through major growth that make you fall in love with them, bringing out empathy from the watchers.

The story line, the main story line, is intriguing as hell. I love this anti-hero character on Park Shi Hoo and how he isn’t the classic second lead or the normal main lead. He isn’t there to get revenge entirely but to set a wrong right. He’s dark and bright and in love but has to keep on down the road he’s made for himself. Park Shi Hoo's character leans more to the anti-hero side then the hero side, straddling the line between dark and light.

The law/court setting isn’t overwhelming and leads you into the main plot seamlessly, because you have to watch her grow before she’s ready to tackle what she must. Hye Ri was such a deep character past the first couple of episodes where you actually learn about why she acts that way and how she changes from the influence of the people around her.

I like Je Ni, Je Ni was pretty great. I like how when it came to her relationship with In Woo, the writers didn’t complicate it with feelings- they’re just friends who have been there for each other and are super close. I also like how she’s protective of In Woo when it comes to Hye Ri. More like a sibling than a girlfriend vibe. With the second lead girl, I like how she handles Hye Ri and Sunbae- she doesn’t cling on when he moves toward Hye Ri but starts to separate herself. The second lead girls of this drama. Let me praise you because you deserve it. Please write more like this, writers.

These types of dramas don’t come around often and half of them are butchered in the middle or at end and you leave hating everything about like you just ate spoiled cake and can’t get rid of the taste, but this drama is one that did it right.
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