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The Hymn of Death korean drama review
The Hymn of Death
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by missraichyl
Dec 16, 2018
6 of 6 episodes seen
Overall 10
Story 10.0
Acting/Cast 10.0
Music 10.0
Rewatch Value 9.0
This review may contain spoilers
This story is one that I've wanted to see play out since I saw Bada's performance on Immortal Songs of Hymn of Death. It made me cry as I listened and from there I searched up the story of Shim Deok and Woo Jin and fell in love with their story. It's the timeless tale of love and heartbreak... but I think it's common for us to look for these drama's and stories more than the happy ones tied neatly up with a bow ending with a wedding and happy laughter because it's so hard to believe that can truly be achieved because we know that after marriage it won't always be beauty and butterflies, that there will still be hard times and concessions. The drama's and stories we read do not have to have happy endings to leave us satisfied. I feel more at peace with an ending like this, that stays with me and keeps me thinking about it for a long time after.

The story was wonderful. Even if some parts aren't true to history or are embellished and skip over things, it didn't matter. I was enraptured the whole time, barely breaking any from my screen to even eat. I cried and laughed, but the somber tone never quite left me as you get the ending in the beginning. To me, it seemed more than just the story of adultery and betrayal; if this is keeping you from watching the drama, please reconsider. Woo Jin spells it out plainly to the woman he is married to in almost every scene they are in: to him, he will never love her and will never be hers. They married without seeing each other and while she accepted it as her fate, he couldn't. Shim Deok is the same. She left when she found out and when they came back together, it was because they didn't want to fight anymore. In the scene where he explodes at his father, that isn't a man who is alive-- he's only alive with those who encourage his passions. His father chose to turn away from his son and his wife went along with it.

Lee Jong Suk was wonderful, his performance was moving and even when he was speaking, his eyes told us everything you need to know about Woo Jin. You could tell the exact moment he fell in love with Shim Deok and likewise with Shin Hye Sun. Their chemistry was amazing and they gave off the intimate feeling with out it ever being explicitly stated. You can buy into the innocent love, that it can be pure and untouched even when so many things are happening that try to disrupt it. They were completely their characters which only added to the story. The secondary characters left an impression as well, especially her sister Seong Deok. Their last scene together really throws a knife in your heart as you can see the inner turmoil in Shim Deok's heart, but she won't turn back to a life full of nothing. The fiancé played by Sang Yeob made you swoon. He was caring and dashing and he was so sweet even when she left. The cast fit everything perfectly and I loved how I could recognized them from other projects. It was sweet and short and lovely.

The music was phenomenal. I pay much better attention to the music now and I loved how they decided to use the instrumental of Hymn of Death instead of the vocal version. It made the 'movie' more bitter-sweet and I can't wait to download the OST.

I'll probably rewatch it, honestly. I love Lee Jong Suk and Lee Sang Yeob, not to mention the first jilted man, Lee Ji Hoon. The show made my heart race, especially at the end where I wished for it to keep going. It's hard when something ends, yet the watcher isn't ready to say goodbye just yet but there's also nowhere else to go so you create fan-vids and stories and endless Tumblr posts... which it probably where I'll end up. ^^

I hope this helps and that you all can feel the love for the drama, the actors, and the history.
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