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Hi, my names is Juste. I'm from Lithuania. It's almost a year since I started watching dramas. My favorites is rom/coms. If you like simillar dramas like me check out my blog/tumblr:my tumblr

My first kdrama: You're beautiful 
My first kmovie: Chilling Romance/Spellbound
My first jdrama:Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge
My first jmovie:Paradise kiss
My first twdramas: It started with a kiss
My favorite twdrama: Just you
My favorite drama: City hunter 
My favorite actor: Lee Min Ho
My favorite actress:Park Min Young
My favorite drama couple: Joo Joong Won and Tae Kon Sil (Master's sun)
My favorite song: Lena Park and Kim Bum Soo "Person, love"
Favorite Kdramas:

Favorite dramas couples:
Favorite actors/actresses:
First drama that I watched was "You're beautiful"
My Favorite Kdrama "City hunter"

Favorite twdrama "Just you"
My favorite actor is Lee Min Ho
Favorite actress is Park Min Young
I hope all of us can become friends

And share our addiction for dramas. I'm really happy to meet you all. Please write me or send a friend request:) 

Saranghe <3


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