All Time Worst Dramas

Yume 16 days ago

People, Im saving your precious time with this list. But I mean Im not forcing you not to watch this, you can watch them if u want but I just dont recommend them, there are better ones, check out my other list of dramas I recommend!

  • High Society
    High Society

    Korean Drama - 2015

    Plain boring, only about relationships, nothing exciting.

  • The Heirs
    The Heirs

    Korean Drama - 2013

    I mean it wasn't completely garbage, but kind of garbage.

  • Seisei Suruhodo, Aishiteru
    Seisei Suruhodo, Aishiteru

    Japanese Drama - 2016

    Worst love affair drama ever, ughh waste of time

  • Mr. Bodyguard
    Mr. Bodyguard

    Chinese Drama - 2015

    What's the purpose of this one anyway??

  • Cheongdamdong Alice
    Cheongdamdong Alice

    Korean Drama - 2012

    Wasn't fun, it's all I can remember from this one.

  • Marry Me, or Not?
    Marry Me, or Not?

    Taiwanese Drama - 2015


  • Marry Him If You Dare
    Marry Him If You Dare

    Korean Drama - 2013

    Plot made no sense what so ever.

  • Moorim School
    Moorim School

    Korean Drama - 2016

    Had high expectations for this one, but while it was airing, it got worse by each episode.

  • 14-sai No Haha
    14-sai No Haha

    Japanese Drama - 2006

    I mean, 14-year old gets preggo.. and that's it, that's all it's about, literally.

  • Secret Love Affair
    Secret Love Affair

    Korean Drama - 2014

    Another love affair.. (It's always those >.>) it was sooooo difficult to progress, took fOREVER to finish cus it was boring as hell.

  • Man to Man
    Man to Man

    Korean Drama - 2017

    I don't know what to say, it was BEYOND boring, romance was literally forced, no chemistry at all. Don't bother with this one, a real waste of time.

  • Love and Fortune
    Love and Fortune

    Japanese Drama - 2018

    um, yuck.

  • Mr. Nietzsche in the Convenience Store
    Mr. Nietzsche in the Convenience Store

    Japanese Drama - 2016

    This is a funny drama? I didn't laugh once. That's all I'll say.