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I'm Nadya

I'm not drama addict, but i love watching a drama. Lately i'm interested in Chinese Drama

Feel free to recommend me a drama/movie through messages

Genre that i like : Historical, Fantasy, Romance, Comedy, Xianxia/Wuxia

============= MY TOP 6 ==============

1. Eternal Love /三生三世十里桃花

They're really did a spectacular job, the acting was On Point, i can feel each of their characters. Their chemistry were amazing from the main couple and second-lead couple. It's the first Mark Chao drama that i watched i really fell hard for him Ye Hua character was my Fave. The Music was great, i even rarely listening to chinese/mandarin song but i really like the OST.

2. Ashes of Love/ 香蜜沉沉烬如霜

One word just LOVE, the actor did an amazing job portraying all the characters. Their chemistry also amazing both from the main couple, Love the OST too.. <3, i heard they gonna make a sequel and going to tell story about jin mi and xu feng child and definitely i'm going to watch it!!

3. Story of Yanxi Palace/ 延禧攻略

Just like Wei Young the badass female character, Wei Ying Luo is the real femme fatale. I personally like historical drama, and this drama make me even more in love with historical drama! The main actor (4)  did amazing job!!, chemistry between Wei Ying Luo and Emperor is amazing also Wei Ying Luo and Fuca Fuheng is superb <3

4. Goblin / 도깨비

The storyline was amazing, the actor did a superb job portraying all the characters. Their chemistry also amazing both from the main couple and the second couple. The music was amazing

5. Signal / 시그날

Signal was my first detective,investigation,mystery type kind of drama at first i don't expect anything but this drama blown my mind with amazing plot , All the actors did a superb job. I was hoping for season 2. 

6. The Princess Wei Young / 锦绣未央

 I Love Princess Wei Young, i like all the cast the actor did amazing job, The chemistry between Wei Young and Touba Jun was Amazing. I like strong-smart female lead and it was fun to watch


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