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안녕하세요 제 이름은 나디아 .

I started watching drama in 2009. my first Drama was Boys Before Flowers / Boys Over Flowers

My first J-Drama was Itazura Na Kiss : Love in Tokyo

My first Thai-Drama was Kiss me and Full House 2014 ( I watched both drama on the same time )

My first Filipino Drama was On The Wings of Love 

My First T-Drama was Meteor Garden

My First C-Drama was Boss and Me

============= MY TOP 5 ==============

1. Eternal Love /三生三世十里桃花

They're really did a spectacular job, the acting was On Point, i can feel each of their characters. Their chemistry were amazing from the main couple and second-lead couple. It's the first Mark Chao drama that i watched i really fell hard for him Ye Hua character was my Fave. The Music was great, i even rarely listening to chinese/mandarin song but i really like the OST.

2. Goblin / 도깨비

The storyline was amazing, they actor did a superb job portraying all the characters. Their chemistry also amazing both from the main couple and the second couple. The music was amazing

3. Signal / 시그날

Signal was my first detective,investigation,mystery type kind of drama at first i don't expect anything but this drama blown my mind with amazing plot , All the actors did a superb job. I was hoping for season 2

4. The Princess Wei Young / 锦绣未央

 I Love Princess Wei Young, i like all the cast the actor did amazing job, The chemistry between Wei Young and Touba Jun was Amazing. I like strong-smart female lead and it was fun to watch

5. Because of You / 因为遇见你  and Strong Woman Do-Bong-Soon / 힘센여자도봉순

I just love this drama, it was fun to watch and have amazing chemistry between Male lead and Female Lead. My kind of fave rom-com drama

My Fav OTP : Gong Hyo Jin - Jo In Sung , Lee Sung Kyung - Nam Joo Hyuk  , Gong Yoo - Kim Go Eun , Tiffany Tang - Luo Jin ( Real ) , Park Hyung Sik - Park Bo Young , Park Bo Gum - Hyeri , Sun Yi - Deng Lun , Yang Mi - Chao Mark

I like Korean Historical Drama, Rom-Com Drama, Youth/School theme drama , Melodrama , basically i just love everything LOL


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