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Love O2O
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by Plushie

Oct 28, 2017
30 of 30 episodes seen
Overall 5.5
Story 6.0
Acting/Cast 5.0
Music 3.5
Rewatch Value 7.0
This drama is like candy: sweet and addictive, but nothing beyond that.  

The plot is rather simple and dare I say cliché in some aspects (boy meets girl, insta-love, CEO and employee, cold emotionless guy vs sweet shy girl). However, it adds original and rather fun things like the virtual world battles and interactions. Also, kudos for adding such a contemporary theme like games and gamers. It was really refreshing to see not only boys but also girls playing virtual games.

However, even if the plot is somewhat decent, I don't think the characters or even characterization was well done. I mean, let's admit it, the main couple was a bit...too perfect for my taste. Nothing wrong with having capable main leads, but the two seem more like Mary Sues than actual capable, independent characters. I would've liked it a lot more if their flaws and problems were highlighted more (or even there to begin with, I didn't see ANY major flaws from each character), because they didn't feel realistic to me. But I kind of liked the way they trusted and confided in each other, but still felt a tad bit unrealistic (really, every couple has problems).

Also, the acting was stiff to say the least. I didn't feel anything at all from both parts. Yang Yang is drop dead gorgeous and a hella of a kisser but nothing more than that. I know his character is supposed to be this distant, somewhat emotionless guy, but he could've given much more than just the same cool, cold guy that we are tired to see in dramas (at least I am tired).

Zheng Shuang has the same flaws: a pretty face (also justified since her character is supposed to be pretty) but nothing much more than that. She lacked emotions and expression, what was supposed to be quirky turned out to be just plainly awkward. I know that because I've read the novel this drama was based on, and let me say the novel's Wei Wei was a lot quickier/ funnier than ZS portrayal, which made me like her more than when I watched the drama (even if she was still a Mary Sue).

Side characters were well played, and actually more developed than the main ones. I liked the subtle bromance between two of Nai's life long partners, but it's so subtle and undeveloped that it made me wish to see more, luckily I read the novel and got what I wanted.

All in all it was addictive but turned out to be underdevoloped, which is sad given it's 30 episode lenght. Honestly, I've seen dramas with a lot less episodes but much more fulfilling in terms of acting/plot/development. Also, the episodes seemed draggy sometimes and pointless. I think it would be better if it was 16 episode kind of drama, since the lack of depth and not much to do with the plot could allow this one to be a sweet, funny journey. But what's done is already done anyway.

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