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multifandom hoe... my favorites are Monsta X, Stray Kids, A.C.E, EXO, KNK, and GOT7!!! warning: i go off on tangents about them randomly because i really love them! i spend way too much time watching kdramas, so if you want reviews, ask me cuz i've seen a ton!

my favorite dramas are:

  • strong woman do bong soon
  • my girlfriend's boyfriend (chinese drama)
  • my secret romance
  • what's wrong with secretary kim
  • the great seducer
  • weightlifting fairy kim bok joo
  • scarlet heart: ryeo
  • love in the moonlight

my favorite quotes are:

  • "In dramas, the lead actor always makes the girl happy...  What am I doing right now?"
  • "It's because you're my income and he's my friend!"
  • "Due to global warming, penguins are endangered. That's why I cried. Not because of you."
  • “Quickly end your one-sided crush. I think I like you.”
  • “You’re a very special King Kong. A peanut sized King Kong.”
  • “You are my person. You belong to me. You are mine. …  you can not die either. You are completely my person.”
  • “Even if two minus one could be one, me minus you cannot be one.”
  • “Who will love you when you’re that ashamed of yourself?”
  • “Everyone has a youth. A time that’s more beautiful because it’s awkward and clumsy, a time that shines brilliantly. A time when you’re not afraid of anything because you have nothing to lose, and a time when you’re excited because you can have anything, everything. That’s now, age 24, my youth. Although I’m still uneasy and nervous, I’m perfect without needing anything else.”
  • “It’d be amazing if time could flow backward, but what can we do? There’s no use in crying over spilled milk. You have a lot of time. You can fill up the glass again slowly. So don’t cry too much. Don’t beat yourself up for too long. But never forget what happened.”


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