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                                                             tumblr_ln5j5iRxQK1qeupl5.gif tumblr_ln5j5pxjwl1qeupl5.gif tumblr_ln5j53uE3a1qeupl5.gif tumblr_ln5j4jMMyI1qeupl5.gif tumblr_ln5j47N9ja1qeupl5.gif tumblr_ln5j47N9ja1qeupl5.gif

                              tumblr_m230qp6lqP1qfamg6.gif   | Sunhee | Welsh | 14 | Cancer | Bangtan Biased |   tumblr_m230qp6lqP1qfamg6.gif 




                             Welcome to my MDL page and thank you so much for visiting.

As you may already be able to tell I am fairly new to My Drama List but I hope to make friends and talk to               some of you guys because although I am kinda shy I really love making new friends (^ー^)

I really love Korean Drama's and also a few Japanese drama's but I am still yet to try out other Asian                                                                                drama's.

I aspire to live in Japan when I am older as I love Japanese culture, Japanese language and overall I would just really love to live there although, I also adore South Korea, China and other Asian and Non-Asian                        countries as I have a huge interest in other cultures, languages and cuisines. 


My love for Korean dramas and Kpop all began when I caught interest in Pokemon around 3 years ago. From a really young age my brother collected Pokemon cards although I had never really payed attention to it until I was around 11 years old I one day decided to look through his cards and he taught me about the magical world of Pokemon. After getting into Pokemon I began to find other Japanese related things that I really liked and watched my first Anime [Other than Pokemon] which lead me into being a huge Anime fan. I then also found the popular Japanese singer Kyary Pamyu Pamyu and that was the start of my love for Jpop. This continued for a couple of years and I really wanted to move to Japan in the future [Which I still do] but I had a friend at my School who was a huge Kpop fan. I never really paid that much interest when she talking about Kpop to be begin with but after she recommended me some BTS and EXO songs I decided to give them ago and tell her my opinion. This was the start to my Kpop obsession and ever since I have been hooked on Kpop and am still extremley thankful to her for introducing me to the world of Kpop                                                              and Bangtan Sonyeondan ♥

Over my time of being a Kpop fan I had only watched a few drama's but I did not watch them regularly until a few months ago when I met a friend online who recommended me dozens of great dramas to watch and I am now going through that list watching each one - Although since I am starting exams it is hard to make                        time to watch them but I do manage to squeeze in a few extra episodes.


                                                       tumblr_m230qp6lqP1qfamg6.gif    Favourite Groups  tumblr_m230qp6lqP1qfamg6.gif

                                                            BTS [Bangtan Boys]

                                                            Bias: Jeon Jungkook


                  Biases [I seriously can not pick]: Woozi, Wonwoo, Mingyu, Hoshi and Joshua.


                                       Biases: Karry Wang Junkai and Roy Wang Yuan


                                                     Biases: BamBam and Youngjae


                                           Biases: Park Chanyeol and Byun Baekhyun


                                                                      Bias: B.I

                                                            Favourite Korean Drama:


                                                          Favourite Japanese Drama:

                                                        Itazura Na Kiss: Love In Tokyo

                                                             Favourite Web Drama: 

                                                                Splash Splash LOVE

                                                                 Favourite Genres

| Romance | School | Youth | Historical | Comedy | Melodrama | Drama |



                          tumblr_m230qp6lqP1qfamg6.gif   Thank you so much for taking your time to check out my page  tumblr_m230qp6lqP1qfamg6.gif

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