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        ☁taylor | 20 | girl | canadian/italian

       ❤ asian dramas | music | asian movies | internet

I love media from a wide variety of countries (not only Asian) which include elements of that countries beliefs/cultures, so thats what led me to fall in love with Asian dramas/movies in the first place. However, nowadays I see dramas as something to cheer me up and watch whenever I can find the time. Im a university student, so I often find that movies are easier to watch because of time restrictions...

I also love listening to music in different languages! I mainly listen to kpop, english, and japanese music, but I do listen to some french music and would love to hear more music from other countries. 

On each drama/movie I watch, I often like to leave comments about my thoughts on it. When I have more time on my hands, I also try to write reviews! 

My Favorite Genres: Comedy, Romance... Anything which is not sad/boring!

1st J-Drama Finished: Hana Kimi (2007)

1st K-Drama Finished: Dream High

1st Taiwanese Drama Finished: N/A

1st Thai Drama Finished: N/A

1st: Chinese Drama Finished: N/A

1st J-Movie Finished: Battle Royale

1st K-Movie Finshed: 100 Days With Mr. Arrogant

1st Taiwanese Movie Finished: Love In Disguise

1st Thai Movie Finished: First Kiss

1st Chinese Movie Finished: Sophie's Revenge

Feel free to recommend anything you think I may like!

And don't forget to add me !  






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