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my house


my house

how i got into kdramas: 

when i was like 5 my sister would put on dramas and translate the english subtitles to my language so my mum and grandma could understand.  that's pretty much how my obsession started.

how i rate dramas (most of the time i don't bc i'm lazy)

1 - very bad              

2, 3, 4 - bad

5, 6, 7 - ok

8, 9 - good

10 - very good

facts about me:

- i hate love triangles because either 1) there's an annoying girl/guy always in the way or 2) i end up rooting for the second lead

- i'm a short asian girl

- i like rice

- i like jpop (sometimes more than kpop askssd)

- i watch lots of anime

- i've been a kpop fan pretty much since i was a baby (my sister would play 2ne1 songs when i was young)

- my ult boy groups are : seventeen and nct  // my ult bg bias is xiumin (he's not from svt or nct but still)

- my ult girl group is twice // my ult gg bias is jisoo or sakura (iz*one) or mina i can't choose 

- my favourite actors are: lee hyun woo, lee jong suk and lee seung gi

- my favourite actresses are: park shin hye, kim yoo jung and ha ji won

my favourite dramas // recommendations:

kdramas - welcome to waikiki || 10/10 recommend 

  liar game (the korean ver.) it's a realllly good drama

 jdramas - mischievous kiss || i'm still in the middle of it but it's good 

 -  re: mind || i've almost finished it, it's really interesting 

cdramas accidentally in love || i've not finished it but so far it's good  

        - i don't have another one bc i'm on ep 2 so idk if i should recommend it or not 

i also have a m.a.l account bc i watch a lot of anime

i stan 50+ kpop groups so text me if u wanna talk about kpop and stuff || ig: @chuxli


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