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I've been watching Asian dramas since summer 2011 where I finally gave in to Netflix pushing Boys Over Flower in my face. Before that I had grown up on anime and so, BOF being an adaptation of the manga, you can imagine I went straight to the anime and watched it. I was not happy with the anime and so I went back and finished the Korean drama, which I fell head over heals for. At that time, Netflix only had a small selection of other dramas and my next one was You're Beautiful where I totally fell in love with Jang Geun Suk. From then on I went into stalker mode and watched a few more of his dramas. That was my beginning. Now, I have no social life. I spend all my time watching Asian dramas, listening to kpop and fangirling over idols. I've been to KCON LA 3 times (2014, '15 & '16) and spent a lot of money on stuff I'll never use.. 0_0 


My life pretty much revolves around my dramas and I'm okay with that. Lucky for me my best friend also got sucked into the dramaworld, but don't get me wrong, I totally understand the struggle of trying to get your friends to watch dramas! It's sooo hard! 



Funny thing is the only excuse they can come up with to avoid it is always the same: "I don't like reading subtitles" GUUUUURL~ I haven't watched a movie in English in like 4 years, and last time I did, I remember I constantly was looking at the bottom of the screen for subs...


Although I'm more of a drama person, I still follow a lot of kpop groups!

VIXX and BTS being the two groups I'm currently investing my time and money into..



Well.. off to watch dramas~ 17b86d1d67d395e9cb69aaae5f6d079ccc38ea81



If you're browsing my list to see what dramas I've liked and disliked, please understand my way of rating is a bit odd. The few dramas I have not giving stars to are only like that because I haven't decided upon a proper rating. I don't actually hate them that much. Except perhaps, Manny. Also, I've added dramas to this new Not Interested section for the dramas I'm super excited about but aren't airing for what seems like forever. The more I see them in my Plan To Watch list, the more impatient I grow so I've moved them to where I won't see them, hahaha~

I don't really dislike any dramas I've seen. My ratings reflect how I felt at the time I was watching them and what my interests were at that time. The lower ratings don't mean I liked the drama less, so much as they represent that there were other dramas I liked more, does that make sense? Either way, I'm happy to make recommendations to anyone or provide any reviews one might ask for.
Thanks for reading my profile page and I hope you're off to enjoy all the Asian movies and dramas you've been sucked into ;) 


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