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United States


United States
Favorite Dramas
20 0

There's no particular order here. These are just some of my favorite dramas out of all the ones I've watched. Except for Misaeng/Incomplete…

For When I'm Thirty
10 0

I'm almost 30. Here are some dramas to make me feel better about it once it finally happens.

Favorite Actors
79 0

Seo In Guk is bae. The rest are in no particular order.

I Love Noona Romance
0 0

I'm on a mission to watch all the noona romances I can find.

Follow Your Dreams
1 0

Inspiration to follow my dreams.

Riding the Bandwagon
15 0

If it was really popular when it came out, it must be good. Right?

Hong Sisters
5 0

I'm on a mission to watch every Hong Sisters drama made so far. Because you can't call yourself a Kdrama fan if you haven't watched the Hong…

For the Depression
5 0

A reminder that I am still alive.

Time for a Rewatch
6 0

Either I loved them, or am feeling nostalgic, or I'm ready to give the drama a second chance. Here are some dramas I need to re-watch.

Never Again
6 0

Never again. I will never watch these dramas ever, ever, ever again. You can't make me.

Favorite Movies
11 0

No particular order after the first 4.

Back to School
6 0

Well. I guess I'm going back to school.