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I love the under-dog, the ugly duckling, the kid who sits at the back of the class and the kid who sits at the front. I love sassy girls and shy girls and girls with hearts of gold. I love asshats who learn how to be human and sweethearts who are total gentleman and falling in love with them both.

I love giddy, flushed to perfection, romance and being swept off my feet. I love heart-pounding thrills and being taken for a ride. I love dramas that surprise me and dramas that stay the course.

I hate evil second female leads who are evil for the sake of being evil. I hate jerk male leads who never grow up or apologize. I hate societies that push women around and tell them who to be. I hate plots that never go anywhere and plots that fall apart. I hate stories that spin their wheels and stories afraid of taking risks.

I HATE unnecessary drama.

I LOVE stories that make me feel and characters that speak to who I am.

I love dramas. What else is there to know?

One last thing:

My reviews are, by and large, spoiler heavy, particularly if there is something in a drama or movie that I dislike or feel like people should know about before watching. You've been warned.


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