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Hello ^^ I go by Bunnie. I am a college student and I love video games, anime, dramas and language learning. Currently I am majoring in Asian Studies with a Japanese language and culture minor.   My very first drama was Hana Yori Dango in 2006 <3 I love music and dramas from Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, and I just recently got into dramas from Thailand^^ 
My first dramas:
 Japanese: Hana Yori Dango
 Korean: Full House
 Chinese (Taiwan): Just You
 Chinese (Mainland): Love o2o
 Thai: U Prince Series: The Badass Baker 

    Current favorite dramas:
 Japanese: Sukina hito ga iru koto, Last Cinderella, 99.9 Senmon Bengoshi
 Korean: Kill Me Heal Me, W-Two Worlds
 Chinese (Taiwan): Just You , Behind Your Smile
 Chinese (Mainland): Love o2o , Boss and Me
 Thai: Kluen Cheewit, Leh Ratree, Karn La Krang Neung...Nai Hua Jai, Leh Nangfah

Some of my favorite groups/singers:
 Japan: Arashi, flumpool, Bump of Chicken, Yui, Radwimps
 Korea: BTS, Twice, Redvelvet, Exo, Akdong Musician, Got7 

 Taiwan: Aaron Yan, Hebe Tian, Shi Shi, Alien Huang, DesertsChaun
 Thailand: Mook Worranit, Ploychompoo, Kacha Nontanun


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