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United States of America

I now run a blog about Korean dramas and kpop called: Kpop,Kdramas, and a Crazy Fan


Before I start talking about myself I think we should support  Kris, Luhan, and Tao from Exo in whatever decision they make and not hate Exo the group, but only hate how SM treats them. Also, to me I do not think we should be blaming anyone in SNSD for Jessica being kicked out. I think we will never know what exactly happened to make this happen. Another note, I love Tao's and Luhan's albums! I am excite for all three of them being in movies!  (Great Wall, XXX: The Return of Xander Cage, Railroad Tigers, Game Changers,and Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets.) I watched the Great Wall, it was awesome! My brother even though it was awesome...I just watched Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets, if I must say very confusing watch I did not care about the main characters at all, or about their romance, the best characters were Kris Wu's and Rihanna's who either died or were hardly in there even though they saved everyone. Also, there was a rumor they were going to have a love line between them, but that did not happen. That was disappointing. 

I also went to see my first Kpop concert on Valentine's Day in LA. Exo'luxion 2016. Oh, man was their concert awesome, too bad Lay could not make it.I would have loved to see him.

I am fairly new to the Korean Drama world, or for that matter the Asian Drama world in general. I have only completed about 100 dramas to date and I have not even finished watching Boys over Flowers a classic Korean Drama. 

But that does not stop me from rating my favorites. I recently watched my first Korean Melodrama,''That Winter, the Wind Blows.'' I decided to stick with the Romantic Comedies. They are are more down my alley, although I enjoyed that drama and story.

Right now, I am editing Korean dramas to make them shorter so my family will watch them. I just finished My Love from the Stars and Doctor Stranger, I am working on Bride of the Century. (Note: I may take out second leads love arc with the main lead or take out flashbacks to make it shorter.) I got My Love from the Stars down to 14 hours and I got Doctor Stranger down to 11 hours. 

My first Asian Drama was around 2010/2011, when I decided to watch Ouran High School Host club the drama made from one of my favorite anime. 

For a while that was the only drama I watched, and it wasn't until after I saw the anime, Itazura na Kiss and loved it that I saw my first Korean Drama, Playful Kiss. I also then watched It Started with A kiss and even watched part of It Started with a Kiss 2, (I tried to watch the Japanese live action version, Itazura na Kiss(1996), but I couldn't finish it, and dropped that.) before I went back to see another Korean Drama. 

I cannot be sure of what I watched next but, You're beautiful was one of them. I tried to introduce dramas to my sisters but, I guess, I should have watched the drama I showed my older sister beforehand and my younger sister was more into anime than dramas.

Needless to say, that failed but regardless, I am still a fan who loves watching and reviewing Dramas mostly Korean Dramas, although I do love the occasionally Taiwanese Drama or Japanese Drama (especially if it is a remake of a Korean drama or vice versa.)

I just recently started to get into kpop (early 2013),  pretty much right after seeing Dream High.

I AM Hottest ExoL ShaWol Sone Storia Cutie  VIP Baby Elf B2ty Boice Primadonna KissMe A+Say A Bana Melody Starlight IUNA Jaywalkerz Eels Alien IGOT7 InnerCircle Army SM17E Ikonic  

My personal bias are:

Kpop groups:

2pm - Jang Woo-young


Girl's Generation - seohyun
Super Junior- choi si won
Exo-k - Kai
Exo-m - Chen
History- Song Kyung-Il
B2st/Highlight- Yang Yoseob 

Seventeen- Wonwoo  



BTS- Jungkook

CN Blue- Kang minhyunk
FT island- Lee hongki
Ukiss- Lee Kiseop
Shinee- Choi Minho
MBLAQ- cheongdung
Miss A- Bae Su ji
Big Bang - Top
2 am- Seulong
Vixx- N, Cha Hak Yeon







Wonderboyz- Young Boy 

Big Byung- Jackson

Lucky Boys- L, Kim  Myung-soo

Solo Artists:

Jang Geun Suk
Lee Seung gi
Seo In Guk
Jay Park
Kim Bum
Park Shin-hye

Jung Joon Young



And one Ktrot Artist:

Hong Jin Young


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