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The Innocent Man korean drama review
The Innocent Man
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by R4inz
Nov 17, 2012
20 of 20 episodes seen
The Innocent Man korean drama review
Overall 10
Story 10.0
Acting/Cast 10.0
Music 10.0
Rewatch Value 10.0
I don’t know where to start to express my feelings toward this drama, if you’re watching it from the beginning till the end and you will know and understand how I feel. Its huge big feeling like you want to scream it to the world “OMG this is DAEBAK! You need to watch it”. THIS IS MUST WATCH DRAMA OF THE YEAR. Overall: Innocent Man or Nice Guy or Chakan Namja is not an ordinary drama you see nowadays, because the leading characters both are smart, not easily fooled around and they both are having strong personality, you will love them no matter how intense and cruel situations they were in. From the very beginning, this drama is having a very good pacing, never felt bored or trying to skip it because each scene is too precious to skip it. For a moment I wonder, do we need to sacrifice that much for someone we love? Until 19th episode, storylines explained it why this story was made and executed this way. If really such an innocent nice guy really happens to exist in this real world??? Acting: Song Joong Ki as Kang Ma Roo, well known as cutest boy on earth, I was shocked when I fell for him and his cold staring eyes, how can this cute guy can change my perceptions toward him and he can be so manly just with both of his eyes, he is so talented and flawless in acting, seeking revenge against someone he loves so much, too complicated how he endured mixed feelings, but he never failed to convince me and I believe in him from the first scene till the last ones. Moon Chae Won as Seo Eun Gi also succeeded portraying a smart, arrogant, and stubborn young lady and the only daughter of Taesan Group owner. She is an awesome girl who can be in any personalities and she did it well, funny thing about her, no matter how rude and harsh she is but I bet you still love her for being bold and strong. Park Si Yeon as Han Jae Hee also did a very good job in acting although I hate her character in this drama but she succeeded of being a ‘femme fatale” in this drama. Her character was confusing me from the start, LOL, I tried to understand her but I’m still confused about her true feelings toward others. Supporting roles like Jae Gil the funniest, Choco the warmest, Att Park the shy one and Att Ahn the mysterious lawyer on earth haha. All mentioned characters did a very good job as supporting lead roles also they have strong character of their own, their side stories can be scary and cute too. Music: Suspend weird music, which I wonder why they chose this music for a melodrama in the beginning but now I understand and can blend it well with the story and Song Joong Ki’s song, “Really” only one word can describe it. WOW!. I really have no idea this guy can sing really well, his voice smooth like his face and sounds so innocent. Rewatch value : To be honest, I already rewatched it. LOL. I just can’t stand myself, so I did roll back the best scenes from previous episodes while waiting finale. I’ll nominate this drama for TOP 5 dramas in 2012. Hope Innocent man will win a lot of awards because you already owned my heart.
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