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  1. Welcome to my profile ^_^ 
  2. Bienvenu , Benvenuto , ようこそ , مرحبا

  3. My name is Reham ,, I'm an Egyptian girl . I am studying at faculty of foreign languages : Italian, French and Japanese language :)

  4. I have a great passion towards Asia so I am Asian drama addict specially Korean drama
  5. My favourite Korean dramas are : Pinocchio and Man from another star
  6. My favourite Korean actors are : Lee jong suk and Kim so hyun

  7. My favourite Japanese dramas are: liar game and don't cry hara chan
  8. My favourite Japanese actors are: Ihara tsuyoshi and matsuda shota

  9. I listen to Kpop, Jpop and Cpop songs : my favourite Kpop band is Exo
  10. My favourite Jpop band is Akb48 
  11. I also listen to songs from all over the world: Indian,French, Portuguese, English and italian songs 
  12. My favourite singers are : Toto Cutugno, Vasco Rossi , Jovanotti and so many other singers :)

  13. I watch anime too,,, my favourite anime series are : Hunter X hunter , detective Conan and Naruto
  14. My favourite anime characters are: Sakuragi (Rainbow) , Hisoka (hunter X hunter)

  15. I like Reading so much (novels ,books and manga) my favourite writers are : Aniis Mansour (great Egyptian writer) , Grazia deledda , Luigi Pirandello and others

  16. I like Dancing (although I am not a dancer ) especially Bollywood and disco 

  17. I am a karate player and care alot about sports :) 

  18. Finally , I like to know people from other countries to exchange the culture and share the same interests so don't hesitate to contact me at any time ;) ;) ;)

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