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My Girlfriend is an Agent
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by Rourou

May 6, 2012
Overall 8.0
Story 8.0
Acting/Cast 9.0
Music 6.0
Rewatch Value 7.0
1-The reason I watched this : I have no idea, all I know that I couldn't sleep around 3 am then I found this film's dvd in one of my collections so I decided to watch it. I never watch films without reading its synopsis but this was a great exception. 2-Storyline/Plot : On the outside, it may sound like the Korean version of "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" but somehow I thought it was special with its own events and its own charm. I laughed so hard while watching this to the point that I tried blocking my mouth with my hands since was afraid that I may wake everyone in the house: yes, it was really funny! The story wasn't outstanding but the laughter moments (and sometimes romance moments) made me fall for it. 3-Acting/Cast : I like Kim Ha Neul and yeah she was cool here but I believe that Kang Ji Hwan was the leader of this film; he really cracked me up and the way he screams was so freaking funny, he really managed to pertray his role in a perfect way and most of all, he was believable. 4-The ending : I loved the final scene but the general ending was a typical rom-com ending. 5-My impression: This film literally cracked me up; I remember laughing my stomach out until I almost rolled on the floor late at night. This is a unforgettable film indeed. 6-Overall : This is the type of film that I would recommend to anyone: There's laughter. The funny romance. Action (especially the hilarious action scenes with Kang Ji Hwan).
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