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EDIT: Currently taking a break from dramas. I will however, take any movie suggestions :)
Introduction & History:
Hello, Hello & welcome to my Drama list page
My name is Katie. I've roamed this planet for nineteen years and I live in soggy old England.

I'll say it now, I have a general liking for all drama's (especially cute J-drama's) and rate them based on my liking so in no way are these ever going to be accurate. My first Japanese was Hana Yori Dango. After watching both seasons and the movie i found Hana Kimi and the rest is history. Now i spend most of my free time watching drama's.

I prefer Japanese dramas compared to Korean one's. I think It's mostly down to the time duration as I seem to loose interest in Korean Dramas quickly and procrastinate a lot.

Some of my favourites:

Rating system:
10- The drama was amazing, made me think about it afterwards, little to no flaws, almost no moments I didn't enjoy. Would watch it over again definitely.

9- The drama was very well played, enjoyed pretty much everything about it, maybe some parts I found boring or maybe I didn't enjoy it as much, but i would probably watch it over again

8-The drama was pretty good. There was a few moments here and there that I didn't like, but overall I probably would watch it over again if I had the time. Would recommend it to friends to watch.

7-Drama was good, wasn't as amazing as it could be, but nonetheless it was a show I enjoyed. Wouldn't be in my top dramas, but also not terrible, just above decent. Probably wouldn't recommend it to friends unless I knew they would like it.

6- Decent, nothing amazing or special. Got bored multiple times and had to push myself to watch the next episodes. 

5-Came very close to quitting, had to really motivate myself to watch the next episodes. Bored for most of it.

4-Hated the majority of the episodes, almost no moments I liked, practically fell asleep. Would rather go to school then watch this.

3-Waste of my time, Give it back to me

2-Why? :(


Feel free to talk to me/ add me as a friend!

It's probably best if you interact with me first since i'm extremely shy ^^; 

I have a history of forgetting to reply all the time. I'm sorry about that in advance since I'm really bad for it. Don't worry though, I will get back to you at some point ;D

Contact me:

If you would like to chat please leave a comment below ~ OR reach me on my tumblr & twitter accounts as i use them most frequently outside of MDL.


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