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by Rourou

May 9, 2012
Completed 3
Overall 9.0
Story 10.0
Acting/Cast 9.0
Music 7.0
Rewatch Value 5.0
1) The reason I watched this: I have a psychiatrist friend who insisted on watching this film. She already knows that I don't mind any sort of special story no matter how horrific it is; I was fully prepared to any type of scenes and so I watched it. 2) Storyline/Plot: They weren't kidding when they said "This movie contains EXTREMELY graphic child abuse! Do not watch if you are easily disturbed.", I intentionally repeated it because this film isn't directed to all types of audience, even if you are an adult you can easily be disturbed. Positive points: *It's a true story that focus on a world wide issue: a great topic. *The producer wasn't afraid of showing the horrible fact to the audience. *The script writers did a great job by delievering a masterpiece. Negative points: For me there isn't. *Some people would feel sick or shocked that's why I said it's not directed to everyone but if those scenes were absent then it couldn't be fun to watch considering its theme; it was realistic and special in a great way. Story: 9.75/10 3) Acting/Cast: I really loved each and everyone of them here. *It was different yet cool to see Gong Yoo in a serious role. *The three children have done a great job because their roles were mainly sentimental and they were skilled to portray that aspect. *The actors knew how to deliever feelings and leave us affected with their issues. Cast: 8.5/10 Acting: 9.5/10 4)The ending: It wasn't what anyone wanted but it was great because it was realistic. The ending: 8/10 5) My impression (How did it affect me): *As I said earlier I don't mind any sort of special stories, this film was interesting enough to keep me hooked up for two hours. *The grafic child abuse is what gave this film its taste no matter how horrible it was. *I got the conclusion that this world is full of bad people but they only need one courageous person to change the whole thing. *Protecting children's innocence is our responsibility as adults. My impression: 9.5/10 6) Overall: I repeat this film has shocking abuse scenes therefore, if you're a sensitive person don't even think about watching this. *If you like special stories and don't mind the abusive scenes then you would like this. *Human rights lovers may want to check this out. *Don't be fooled about the fact that Gong Yoo is the main lead, it's nothing like his previous Dramas/Films. *If you're looking for a romantic story then you shouldn't be reading this in the first place. *I repeat for the last time sensitive people KEEP OUT! Overall: 9.5/10
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