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Queen Of The Game
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by Rourou

Jun 29, 2012
20 of 20 episodes seen
Overall 8.0
Story 8.0
Acting/Cast 8.0
Music 7.0
Rewatch Value 6.0
1) The reason I watched this: I was in "drama mood" so in that period U wasn't picky at all. I just read the synopsis then I decided to watch this drama without expecting anything from it. 2) Storyline/Plot: The general story wasn't very special but it can't be considered as a one of K-dramas usual plots. However, it wasn't outstanding. Positive Points: *The storyline had a great dramatical depth which can make you tagged to its events. *Main Genres: --->Romance: This is a romantic story with all the meanings that the word "Romance" refer to; it was well written in order to make developments go deeper and deeper after each episode. The romance here is the "mature" type, not like those childish romantic stories that we see everywhere but it's not very serious that would make you get bothered since they added moments to cheer the audience and keep boring moments out; i believe it was a smart move in order to maintain the great romance. One more point, romance was a play of fate, a play of reality to show how true love can survive no matter what kind obstacles it faces; I know it's a little dreamy but it was cool in the drama. --->Drama: I consider this drama as a dramatical romance, it's not the rom-com type so the dramatical side was heavily present and well done in some points. It can be devided to several parts since the storyline was devided, the middle dramatical part was the best then there's some good parts at the beginning. Negative Points: *The romance is good but only the main leads romance existed; no side romantic stories that can change the mood a little. Yes, there was the usual Korean triangle but the side romantic stories were absent. *The dramatical parts in the end were really annoying because it took a wrong turn after the 15th or the 16th episode; I had high hopes for that part and even though, it didn't end up badly but I wasn't satisfied. Story: 8/10 3) Acting/Cast: *Joo Jin Mo: I have a great respect for him as an actor, I loved his previous roles and I really liked his role here, it wasn't an intense role but the way he handled things was really well done. The character was a very strong at first, you can feel the hartred and pain in Lee Shin Jun's eyes then as the drama went on, many changes occurred, many dramatic moments were held by his character, it was intEresting to to follow his character developments but at the end, I noticed some unsatisfying changes in the character's personality but it's all up to the story's changes above. *Lee Bo Young: I don't know her as an actress which means that I am not familiar with her acting skills, here she was acceptable and moving in some points because the role was portrayed in a satisfying way. The character, let's see, I wasn't fully taken by kang Eun seol's character and I never sympathized with her. The character was off sometimes, cheerful some other times, cool most of the time and what I clearly remember that it was really annoying starting from the 15th or the 16th episode. *Other Cast: I am only familiar with some of them but I think their roles were nicely done, except some annoying characters, the supporting roles were okay. Relationships: --->Romance: The chemistry was good, like I said earlier it's one of the greatest romantic stories that I've ever seen plus the leads made it enjoyable "most" of the time. --->The triangle: Most of the time they were really annoying to watch, I skipped those parts often, I tried to watch but they weren't any close to the sweet triangles that we usually know but I have to appreciate Kim Pil Seo's character since it was "mature" --->The leads relationship with Lee Shin Jun's mother: It was really well done at first but when it took the obvious turns near the ending, I became uninterested. Cast: 7/10 Acting: 8.5/10 4) The ending: I liked the final obstacle, it was somehow unexpected and cool to watch. Nice closure but it doesn't deny that it was one of K-dramas classical endings. The ending: 8/10 5) My impression (How did it affect me): *I was really interested in this drama and that's the main reason I finished it fast. *I wasn't bored but I have to admit that I skipped several parts in order to make my watching time equilibrated plus there were scenes that I didn't like. *Is this drama memorable: Yes, I am keeping this drama in my mind as one of the greatest romantic dramas but not as one of the greatest dramas that I've ever seen. My impression: 8.5/10 6) Overall: *If you like romantic stories than this for you. *If you're into romantic comedies, I don't think that this drama would suit your taste. *Watch this if you're looking for a great male lead. Overall: 8/10.
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