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Ruby Desu ~~~

[Aug 17] First became a Asian drama fan in May of 2009. It started with Japanese and later included Korean and a little bit of Taiwanese.

As time has gone on, my interests have slowly moved away from Japanese dramas and also, being a working adult has meant I have very little time for dramas anymore. However, I do still watch the odd drama here and there but mainly I just re-watch some old faves. So I probably wont be on MDL very often.

I've been a massive fan of Yamapi since the start and still am to this day. Although there are many who don't believe he is a very good actor, I personally enjoy the variety of different roles and characters he plays. And it doesn't hurt that he usually plays 'Mr Cool' or the 'Lovable idiot' :D

I think that's about it ^^


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