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well ive been watching dramas for not so long but still dramas is my whole life.. i started with japanese dramas as i still watch anime but then i watched korean dramas n now i like korean dramas more

i love kpop i listen to many boys and girls groups.. my favorite is b1a4 but i love other groups a lot!! i also like some japanese music like yui or arashi.. but mostly anime opening and endings or j rock, my favorite jrock band is spyair 

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Also check out my anime and manga list.



Also my tumblr..:

My bias kept changing but this is my current one for sure:
I cant get over his cuteness n amazingness at the same time!! rlly the golden mankae!!

Dramas that didnt make it on my top 5 list but i still love a lot
I enjoy pretty much almost everything i watch.. well some dramas r special i think the list above is them

my favorite actors list is really huge and continues to expand everyday so im not gonna make a list anymore..

And at last I had to Gaki no Tsukai!!!

Decided to see if i can find any fans so here r the 2 most amazing japanese novels i love, anyone shares the love:


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