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Hi everyone! Konbanwa Minna-san!

My name is Marlene (you can call me Marlee-chan or Marlee-senpai) and I'm 26 years young (It is never a thing called to old to love dramas!! ^^), born and raised in the wonderful country Sweden, but my curiousity tend to send my thoughts towards the world, and especially Japan, that's my dream-journey :) My nativelanguage is swedish, and I speak english fluently. Can understand ein bischen deutch, both spoken and written but not that much ^^, and I understand danish and norweigan too, since the languages are similar :) Currently studying to become a teacher of history and religion. 

I discovered the amazing world called dramaland through my husband :) he showed me the anime Aishiteru ze baby and Hitman Reborn, and I was hooked on anime, then we watched Godhand Teru and Bloody Monday. And I was smitten, and now I can proudly say that I'm obsessed, a true drama-addict and I tend to be biased towards japanese-drama :D 

I'm a huge fan of Arashi! And has been for three years now, time sure flies right? <3 Can't imagine a life without my amazing boys, <3------Aiba-chan<-------<3 is my ulitmate bias in Arashi, his eyes, smile and clumsieness is totally adorable, Sho-chan is my second, Riida is my third, Matsujun and Nino shares the fourth place ^^ how can a band just take a hold of ones heart that much as Arashi has done?? <3 
And through them I discovered the amazing JE-world. You might even call me a JE-addict <3 Hey! Say! JUMP is my first runner-up, I mean just look at my HSJ-ichiban <3---Keito-kun<---<3 and KAT-TUN my second runner-up Junno is the most handsome of them,damn I like so many in my beloved JE <3  

I've discovered SS501 (all thanks to BBF's Kim Hyun Joong) they are sexy those oppas :P And ofcourse the amazing and handsome Jang Geun Suk, he has stolen a large piece of my heart <3
This is me :) nice to meet you ^^

My current anime obsession:Diabolik Lovers!! it's starting to be just as good as BroCon<3

Some of my obsessions and idols <3

Arashi is my number one!

and my Ichiban is Aiba-chan, his smile and his eyes <3 In one word PERFECT!! Masaki/tumblr_lcq0kfnq5G1qb1mmmo1_400.gif

You are totally ikemen Sho-chan, you have the heart on the right place and are a good actor <3 Sho/tumblr_l6wlkvJw9n1qca2b7o1_250.gif Sho/IMG_0001_3.jpg gorgeous Riida!! <3 has such admiration for our wonderful Riida <3 it's so cute ^^

Oh you are so fine Matsujun <3 Thanks to you I became addicted to this amazing drama world <3 Jun/18ih1.jpg

Our mischievous Nino <3 Arashi wouldn't be half of what it is without you!

SS501 <3 I'm waiting for your return <3 

JANG GEUN SUK What have you done with my heart?? <3 GEUN SUK/a.gif Geun Suk/1218594001188.jpg

Flower Boy Ramyun Shop<3

Koide Keisuke <3

Oikawa Mitsuhiro<3

Kamiki Ryunosuke <3 Ryunosuke/KamikiRyunosuke0027b.jpg

Keito, Keito, Keito, how can someone be so perfect? My HSJ-ichiban is you <3 say jump-/5ff763c8428b279d5852c6d23eb76b4c124.jpg

Kawashima Umika, of all actresses from Japan, I like her the most, she is really talented and beautiful<3 Kawashima/Purevol525.jpg umika/09b868cba17b4300be09e6b4.jpg

Ito Misaki is my second favorite actress<3 Ito/MisakiIto_B.jpg

My two other obsessions, firstly Ishiguro Hideo, he's one of my absolute favorites<3 and the second is Miura Haruma <3 Bloody Monday was my absolute first one, he will always hold a special place in my heart <3 Haruma/img145.jpg

And the most ikemen bad-guys I've ever seen, Narimiya Hiroki, I fell head-over-heels for your J <3 Nuff' Said! narimiya/41376810.jpg
And Eikura Nana she is a very versatile actress and she is a beautiful one to <3 and Hasegawa Kyoko in Oishii Proposal <3

Kim Bum <3 I've only seen you in BoF but you were outstanding. Love your smile <3<3 bum/2rnh189.jpg
Feel free to add me as a friend, I don't bite :P and feel free to write me if you want someone to spazz about a drama, actor/actress or anything :) who/thedoctor.jpgOh almost forgot, a big Whovian aswell :D What would life be without my Doctor and his TARDIS and the companions <3

I also like football (you know the sport that americans have the nerve to call soccer, but they mean no harm I think love you anyway America ^^ being born on their Independence Day I've always wanted to travel to USA^^) :) 

Take care Y'all! Genki-de minna :)


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