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  • Favourite novel ever: Lord of the rings Trilogy, The Little prince, The Book Thief, The Stand
  • Favourite movie ever: Amadeus, Up, GRand Budapest Hotel.


  • Otome:  Scarlet Fate (Kuso/Shiki), A2~A due,   Dandelion,
  • Rpg:  Rakuen, Trails in the Sky, Mass Effect 
  • Puzzle/Adventure:  Monument Valley, Syberia,
     OPUS: Rocket Whispers
  • Exploration/Adventure: Aquaria
  • Simulation:  Harvest Moon DS Cute, MfOtMT, Animal Parade, Another Wonderful Life

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My ratings reflect only the extent to which I enjoyed a particular drama and what and how this drama made me feel OVERALL. And also generally speaking I enjoy them  all  but  I tend to reevaluate my reception late,r and  rescore dramas to reflect that.

 at/below 5.0

unhappy with casting, premise, storytelling, flow, writing quality

  5,5 - 7,0

 one-time watch, quite fun, had issues with storytelling / writing  or acting , direction -  execution


 would rewatch, memorable, fun, loved story, good/ great characters /affected me or had a really good time/ great flow/ storytelling/ writing quality / dramas i return to

 movie keepers 

FAVOURITE  BUDDIESSam and Al (Quantum Leap), Spock and Kirk and Bones, Fraser and Ray (Due South); Athos and D'Artagnan, Sherlock and Watson, House and Wilson, 
FAVOURITE NON-ASIAN TVManiac, the black mirror, Doctor Quinn, Quantum Leap, Star Trek: The Original Series, Little House on the Prairie, Road to Avonlea, Due South, Ed, BBC's Sherlock


TOP 4 SERIESMonster, Uchuu Kyoudai, Itazura na kiss,

MAL profile

TOP 2 MOVIESHowl's moving castle, Millenium Actress, 
Top SEIYUUMorikawa Toshiyuki, Tomokazu Seki, Kazuya Nakai

Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life

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Spotify Playlist - Tales Between The Lights

John Barry - them from Swept from the Sea ||| John Barry - Yanko's dance |||   Always look on the Bright Side -Life of Brian  |||  Zetsuen no tempest anime ost - reminiscence |||


Joe Hisaishi - Asian Dream Song  / View of Silence  

 산울림 - 회상 (Sanulrim)  |||  Be Dust- Lee Yoon Soo ||| HeeNaRi - Koo Chang-Mo ||| The Jewelbox in my heart - Sunflower ||| 변진섭 - 희망사항 (1989年)  |||  Han Daseu - To the Land of Happiness  |||    Kim Soo Chul You are young |||  Sung Shi Kyung - Two People  ||| Kim Kwang-Suk' - '나의 노래(My Song) ||| H.O.T- Candy ||| 

News - Nantoka Narusa 

Chet Lam  To Meet  |||  Teresa Teng - Moon Represents My Heart ||| Olivia Ong - Favourite Things

Dougie MacLean - Ready For the Storm  III  John Denver and Placido Domingo- Perhaps Love III  Nantes Beirut  |||Imagine  John Lennon III 

Words are  magical... here are my favourites

I dream of lost vocabularies that might express some of what we no longer can 

 Jack Gilbert 

ENGLISH: tranquility, mercurial, serendipity, tempest, becoming, comely, eloquence, ephemeral, ethereal, spectral, epiphany, erstwhile, evanescent, evocative, fetching, fleeting, gossamer, halcyon, harbinger, labyrinthine, lagoon, lithe, nemesis, panoply, bucolic, plethora, pantheon, unravel, radiant, intricate, elaborate, summery, surreptitious, talisman, woebegone, veer, winding, wander,aberrant, aphelion, perihelion, acolyte, aegis, amaranth, gale, nightingale, zephyr, aurora, imaginative, imaginary, breeze, mistral, mystery, elusive, gust, apocalypse, apollonian, archipelago, argent, azure, bereft, bliss, dawn, dusk, eventide, eve, twilight, cacophony, harmony, empathy, symphony, rhapsody, melody, concert, chime, whisper, shadow, cantankerous cataclysm, catharsis, charisma, chimera, cherish, chthonic,  terra/terrestrial, subterranean, globe, jewel, cosmos, sphere, orb, fragile, delicate, graceful, elegant, maritime, aquatic, abyss, chaos, chasm, oceanic/ocean, pelagic, seafaring, seahorse, destiny, fate, foil. eponymous, providence, happenstance, fortitude, willow, cornucopia, copious, crepuscule, shade, crestfallen, cusp, dearth, hearth, dwelling, abode, sanctuary, temple, shrine, sanctum, sepulchre, hollow, hallow, haunting, decadence, diaphanous, transparent, crystal, serene, luminous, pellucid, mist/misty, dystopia, eburnine, ivory, alpenglow, afterglow, halo, moonlight, beam, sunlight, ray, glimmer, bloom, blossom, spring, autumn, fall, equinox, vegetation, fauna. flora, harvest, celebration, ecstasy, joy, merriment, festive, feast, feat, mirth, misery, century, millennium, aeon, era, hourglass, spell, centerpiece, Chronos, infinity, forever, endless, eternity/eternal, crescendo, forlorn, oblivion, elapse, ancestral, rite, hesternal, perennial, yesteryear, disconsolate, forsaken, nirvana, decay, empress, enigma, ensoul, essence, euphony, euphoria, fantasical, whimsical, feral, gallivant, gallant, glisten, godspeed, grandiloquent, haberdashery, humility, illusion, divine, divinity, magic, Ferris wheel, fortune, fortitude, prophecy, sorcery, bewitch, enchant, sorcery, intentional, iridescent, iris, juxtaposition, kismet, kaleidoscope, prism/prismatic, echelon, rainbow, fray, engagement, clash, wave, crest, current, whirlpool, tide, stream, lachrymose, lackadaisical, lambent, loom, horizon,  maudlin, melancholy, metanoia,, touchstone, milestone, misanthropy, myriad, starshine, galaxy, nebula/ nebulous, myrmidon, myth, yarn, storytelling, tale, spirit, narrative, reminiscence, chronicle, nadir, nefarious, nocturnal, nigh,  nuance, oneiric, revelation, reverie, muse, inspiration, nightmare, torment, ordeal, imagination, opulent, orison, prayer, oxymoron, panacea, Panthalassa, paramour, tantamount, tantalising/ tantalise, taunt, tease, paramount, peculiar, penchant, penumbra, pilgrimage, peregrinate, phoenix, phantasmagoria, platitude, portentous, potent, precipice, edge, verge, threshold, propensity, pyrrhic, quintessential, quixotic, recherche, regenerate, rejuvenate, rendezvous, tryst, elope, resplendent, glorious, reverberate, echo, ricochet, rivulet, ravine, raven, rive, wreath, havoc, wreak, unleash, sagacity, sanctimonious, scintillating, sempiternal, sidereal, constellation, sirocco, soliloquy, solitude, solitary, sough, somnambulism, soporific, splendiferous, suave, sublime, succumb, submerge, surreptitious, inconspicuous, susurrus, swashbuckling, sycophant, synechode, taciturn, taint, elegy, threnody, tintinnabulation, torpid, torrent, tramontane, folk, transmogrify, succulent, savory, twinkle, ubiquitous, valedictorian, valley, vale, dale, glen, dell, watershed, verisimilitude, unkempt, vertigo, voyage, vespers, volatile, voluptuous, weanling, wanderlust, hinterland, wise/ wisdom, Xanthippe, yesternight, zephyr, thread, yestreen, weaver, amber, jade, sapphire, gemstone, pendulum
JAPANESE: komorebi,


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