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Eternal Favourites: 

Favourite novel ever: Lord of the rings Trilogy, The Little prince
Favourite movie ever: Amadeus, Up 

Bladey's Best of 2018 

BEST GAME - epic story

The House in Fata Morgana + Requiem for Innocence - Best VN  EVER. 

Storytelling beyond compare, fantastic characters 

 Best Art

Best OST

BEST ASIAN DRAMA  - Prison Playbook
  It's gonna be the best I've seen in 2018, with detailed storytelling, great bonds between characters and nice  characters all around, with good feelings. 

BEST TV SERIES:  Maniac - Netflix, dir. Cary Fukunaga 


Profile Last updated: November 2018 

                                           ABOUT   MY DRAMAS

Favourite drama/ movie characters 
OTP: favourite romantic couples list
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FULL-LENGTH DRAMAS FAVES:  Korean | Japanese | Other 
ENDINGS in dramas and movies : list of endings


My ratings reflect only the extent to which I enjoyed a particular drama and what and how this drama made me feel OVERALL. And also generally speaking I enjoy them  all  but  I tend to reevaluate my reception late,r and  rescore dramas to reflect that.

 at/below 5.0

unhappy with casting, premise, storytelling, flow, writing quality

  5,5 - 7,0

 one-time watch, quite fun, had issues with storytelling / writing  or acting , direction -  execution


 would rewatch, memorable, fun, loved story, good/ great characters /affected me or had a really good time/ great flow/ storytelling/ writing quality / dramas i return to

 movie keepers 

NEXT TO WATCHPatterson, Captain Fantastic 2016, Lion, Ed Wood, Sweney Todd, Get Low, Beginners, Disconnect, Spanish Prisoner, Little Children
FAVOURITE  BUDDIESSam and Al (Quantum Leap), Spock and Kirk and Bones, Fraser and Ray (Due South); Athos and D'Artagnan, Sherlock and Watson, House and Wilson, 
FAVOURITE NON-ASIAN TVManiac, the black mirror, Doctor Quinn, Quantum Leap, Star Trek: The Original Series, Little House on the Prairie, Road to Avonlea, Due South, Ed, BBC's Sherlock


TOP 4 SERIESMonster, Uchuu Kyoudai, Steins; Gate, Itazura na kiss,

MAL profile

TOP 2 MOVIESHowl's moving castle, Millenium Actress, 
Top SEIYUUMorikawa Toshiyuki, Tomokazu Seki


  • Otome:  Scarlet Fate (Kuso/Shiki), A2~A due,   Dandelion,
  • Rpg: Lunar Silver Star, Aveyond 1, Rakuen
  • Puzzle/Adventure:  Monument Valley,
     OPUS: Rocket Whispers
  • Exploration/Adventure: Aquaria
  • Simulation:  Harvest Moon DS Cute, MfOtMT, Animal Parade, Another Wonderful Life

I write about games on : 

Scarlet Fate aka shorahana no Ori - they don;t make otome-themed VNs  like this any more. Beautiful story. 

Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life

List: Drama OST (liked music from dramas)List: Movie OST(music I gotto know thanks to great movies)

John Barry - them from Swept from the Sea ||| John Barry - Yanko's dance |||  Max Richter - On the Nature of Daylight (Arrival OST) |||  Sing, sing, sing - Benny Goodman (Swing Kids OST) ||| Gonna Fly now -Bill Conti (Rocky) ||| Always look on the Bright Side -Life of Brian ||| Romeo and Juliet Theme - Nino Rota ||| W.E Theme - Abel Korzeniowski ||| Come gentle night - Abel Korzeniowski (Romeo and Juliet 2013) ||| And just like that - Abel Korzeniowski (A single man) |||La valse d'Amelie - Yann Tiersen (Amelie ost) ||| Zetsuen no tempest anime ost - reminiscence |||


Joe Hisaishi - Asian Dream Song  / View of Silence  

 산울림 - 회상 (Sanulrim)  |||  Be Dust- Lee Yoon Soo ||| HeeNaRi - Koo Chang-Mo ||| The Jewelbox in my heart - Sunflower ||| 변진섭 - 희망사항 (1989年)  |||  Han Daseu - To the Land of Happiness  |||    Kim Soo Chul You are young |||  Sung Shi Kyung - Two People  ||| Kim Kwang-Suk' - '나의 노래(My Song) ||| H.O.T- Candy ||| 

News - Nantoka Narusa 

Chet Lam  To Meet  |||  Teresa Teng - Moon Represents My Heart ||| Olivia Ong - Favourite Things

Dougie MacLean - Ready For the Storm  III  John Denver and Placido Domingo- Perhaps Love III  Nantes Beirut  |||Imagine  John Lennon III 

Words are  magical... here are my favourites

I dream of lost vocabularies that might express some of what we no longer can 

 Jack Gilbert 

ENGLISH: tranquility, mercurial, serendipity, tempest, becoming, comely, eloquence, ephemeral, ethereal, spectral, epiphany, erstwhile, evanescent, evocative, fetching, fleeting, gossamer, halcyon, harbinger, labyrinthine, lagoon, lithe, nemesis, panoply, bucolic, plethora, pantheon, unravel, radiant, intricate, elaborate, summery, surreptitious, talisman, woebegone, veer, winding, wander,aberrant, aphelion, perihelion, acolyte, aegis, amaranth, gale, nightingale, zephyr, aurora, imaginative, imaginary, breeze, mistral, mystery, elusive, gust, apocalypse, apollonian, archipelago, argent, azure, bereft, bliss, dawn, dusk, eventide, eve, twilight, cacophony, harmony, empathy, symphony, rhapsody, melody, concert, chime, whisper, shadow, cantankerous cataclysm, catharsis, charisma, chimera, cherish, chthonic,  terra/terrestrial, subterranean, globe, jewel, cosmos, sphere, orb, fragile, delicate, graceful, elegant, maritime, aquatic, abyss, chaos, chasm, oceanic/ocean, pelagic, seafaring, seahorse, destiny, fate, foil. eponymous, providence, happenstance, fortitude, willow, cornucopia, copious, crepuscule, shade, crestfallen, cusp, dearth, hearth, dwelling, abode, sanctuary, temple, shrine, sanctum, sepulchre, hollow, hallow, haunting, decadence, diaphanous, transparent, crystal, serene, luminous, pellucid, mist/misty, dystopia, eburnine, ivory, alpenglow, afterglow, halo, moonlight, beam, sunlight, ray, glimmer, bloom, blossom, spring, autumn, fall, equinox, vegetation, fauna. flora, harvest, celebration, ecstasy, joy, merriment, festive, feast, feat, mirth, misery, century, millennium, aeon, era, hourglass, spell, centerpiece, Chronos, infinity, forever, endless, eternity/eternal, crescendo, forlorn, oblivion, elapse, ancestral, rite, hesternal, perennial, yesteryear, disconsolate, forsaken, nirvana, decay, empress, enigma, ensoul, essence, euphony, euphoria, fantasical, whimsical, feral, gallivant, gallant, glisten, godspeed, grandiloquent, haberdashery, humility, illusion, divine, divinity, magic, Ferris wheel, fortune, fortitude, prophecy, sorcery, bewitch, enchant, sorcery, intentional, iridescent, iris, juxtaposition, kismet, kaleidoscope, prism/prismatic, echelon, rainbow, fray, engagement, clash, wave, crest, current, whirlpool, tide, stream, lachrymose, lackadaisical, lambent, loom, horizon,  maudlin, melancholy, metanoia,, touchstone, milestone, misanthropy, myriad, starshine, galaxy, nebula/ nebulous, myrmidon, myth, yarn, storytelling, tale, spirit, narrative, reminiscence, chronicle, nadir, nefarious, nocturnal, nigh,  nuance, oneiric, revelation, reverie, muse, inspiration, nightmare, torment, ordeal, imagination, opulent, orison, prayer, oxymoron, panacea, Panthalassa, paramour, tantamount, tantalising/ tantalise, taunt, tease, paramount, peculiar, penchant, penumbra, pilgrimage, peregrinate, phoenix, phantasmagoria, platitude, portentous, potent, precipice, edge, verge, threshold, propensity, pyrrhic, quintessential, quixotic, recherche, regenerate, rejuvenate, rendezvous, tryst, elope, resplendent, glorious, reverberate, echo, ricochet, rivulet, ravine, raven, rive, wreath, havoc, wreak, unleash, sagacity, sanctimonious, scintillating, sempiternal, sidereal, constellation, sirocco, soliloquy, solitude, solitary, sough, somnambulism, soporific, splendiferous, suave, sublime, succumb, submerge, surreptitious, inconspicuous, susurrus, swashbuckling, sycophant, synechode, taciturn, taint, elegy, threnody, tintinnabulation, torpid, torrent, tramontane, folk, transmogrify, succulent, savory, twinkle, ubiquitous, valedictorian, valley, vale, dale, glen, dell, watershed, verisimilitude, unkempt, vertigo, voyage, vespers, volatile, voluptuous, weanling, wanderlust, hinterland, wise/ wisdom, Xanthippe, yesternight, zephyr, thread, yestreen, weaver, amber, jade, sapphire, gemstone, pendulum
JAPANESE: komorebi,


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