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Favourites: OTP
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just so :) i really loved these pairings 

Log: Completed in 2018
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Eddie the eagle 8/10 - biopic, buddy movie Sing street 9/10 - coming of age, sotyr of brothers, catchy musicTombstone - 8/10, movieanime zetsuen…

Favourites: Drama Characters
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 Nimoy's Mr Spock , Colonel Brandon, Jasper Dale (Avonlea), Anne of Green Gables.

favourites: endings in dramas and movies
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i  do like endings that are satisfying and happy but i also really appreciate open endings as well as meaningful endings

OST: drama
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Sometimes, it's the entire ost, sometimes just one song. ... heck, sometimes I don't even like the drama bit I like the songs. 

Actors i liked - all others
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under construction

Something worked, but not a lot.
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..some of these are probably good dramas, the just weren't; right for me.In others, i liked pairing or concept for the pairing or some other…

LOG: Completed in 2017
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Amadeus, 10/10 The pledge (2001)Bicycle ThievesWhat a wonderful world (2014, Moldova) 10/10TimecrimesWings of Desire Arrival Edward Scissorhands…

Theme: Time slip
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. not all are strictly time travel, sone just switch between present and past to tell a story 

Awards: South Korean submissions for Academy Awards
21 0

my mother and the roomer, 1962the dmb samyong, 1964descendants of Cain, 1968the old craftsman of jar, 1969mute samyong, 1973mulleya, mulleya,…

Awards: JP submissions for Academy Awards
49 0

Late of tears, 1966the sands of kurobe, 1968the fossil, 1975Mt Hakkoda, 1977Setouchi shonen yaku da,  1984Gray sunset, 1985Zegen, 1987Hope…

Awards: Grand Bell
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Grand bell nominated movies i liked or am interested in Snowpiercer

OST: Asian Movies
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Sometimes i love  just one sone, sometimes the entire ost  Shigeru Umebayashi and Joe Hisaishi  are my top two composers, period. 

OST : Shigeru Umebayashi
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Otsuka Darekaga Korosareru (1984)Tomoyo Shizukani Nemure (1985)Sorobanzuku (1986)Shinshi Domei (1986)Kyohu no Yacchan (1987)Getting Blue in…

Awards: Baeksang Art Awards
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the recipients of the award that I also liked 

OST: Joe Hisaishi
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Studio Ghibli movies W's TragedyRobot carnivalSunny Et L'ElephantNot everything added yet.