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Hi My name is Eeman~ Your allowed to call me Kitty, Eevee, or Eemu also~ I'm a 22 yr old with a dream to go in the medical field one day, im majoring in Nursing~ :) 

I'm a total nerd who loves a various of things like, Kpop, Music in different genres, Asian Dramas, Anime, Drawing, Writing, Cute animals, Kitties, etc. 

Find my art here~ (really bad at updating it tho)

 I'm a total Kpop/Asian Drama lover, have been since 2016~ I have have come a long way in the asian drama land~ 

My Ultimate Favorite Kpop groups are: VIXX, INFINITE, EXO, BTS, A.C.E, Stray Kids, THE BOYZ, Golden Child, BTOB, GOT7, etc. (many more) (It would take me forever to list them all~) I'm a multi-fandom as you can tell)  

How i got into Asian Dramas? 

In 2015 I found that one of my all time favorite anime Death Note was getting getting a live action remake as a JDrama that consisted of 11 eps that piqued my interest to check it out and i did, I was watching it while it was airing and I instantly fell in love with JDramas at that point. Death Note JDrama introduced me to 2 of my all time fave Japanese actors who are Masataka Kubota and Kento Yamazaki, both of them respectively played Light and L in Death Note. 

My first JDrama was the 2015 Death Note Drama 

My first JMovie was the 2006 Death Note and Death Note 2: The Last Name (which is where i fell in love with one of my all time fave japanese actors who is Tatsuya Fujiwara who played Light Yagami) 

In 2016: KDramas 

I was watching the JDrama ST: Scientic Task Force on Dramafever and i kept getting AD's of 2 KDramas and it was Uncontrollably Fond and Cinderalla and the four knights~ So a couple days passed and i keep seeing the AD's so i search up Uncontrollably fond and find in on Kissasian so 12-13 eps were uploaded at that time so i was thinking, "lets try it and see if ill like it." I start ep 1 and i get really immersed into it and binge all episodes that were uploaded and when i get to the last updated ep, i figure out that it was still ongoing so i keep watching it and with the wait of every week for a new ep to come out. At the same time i watched Cinderalla and the four knights 2 eps on a livestream on Dramafevers website and after that i continued watching it on kissasian. 

So ye that's how i got into KDramas, all thanks to JDramas~ :) I'm such a proud Asian Dramas Nerd~ :) <3

My Favorite All-Time Japanese Actors:

Tatsuya Fujiwara (Death Note JMovies got me to love him, at first i didnt like him but i learned to really love him) 


Masataka Kubota (2015 Death Note JDrama got me to love him, he blew me away for his acting as Light Yagami)                                                        


Kento Yamazaki (2015 Death Note JDrama got me to love him slightly as L because his character as L was so different but Clone Baby got me to love him a ton even though he had a supporting role in that one) 


Tori Matsuzaka ( Clone Baby got me to love him because he played a Psycho Character and me love psycho characters so much)


Yamashita Tomohisa aka Yamapi (Flowers for Algernon blew me away and Yamapi did amazing in that role which made me fall in love with his acting)  (Love his friendship with Kame, their close friends)


Miura Haruma (Bloody Monday Seasons 1 and 2 is where i fell in love with him, Falcon forever) (Love his friendship with Sato Takeru, their close best friends) (He has passed away as July 18th, 2020, it's suspected Suicide since a farewell letter was found, still in shock...) (Rest in peace Angel, You will be missed by a ton by many fans and by me, hope your soul is in peace) 


Sato Takeru (Bloody Monday Seasons 1 and 2 is where i fell in love with him and then later i found out he loves cats and has 2 of his own, Cat Lovers Unite) (Love his friendship with Miura Haruma, their close best friends)


Kamenashi Kazuya aka Kame (He played Yamaneko and i fell in love with him from Kaitou Tentai Yamaneko (Meow))  (Love his friendship with Yamapi, their close friends)


Narimiya Hiroki (Bummer he has retired in 2016 because of a scandal, really amazing actor he is) (Bloody Monday Seasons 1 and 2 is where i fell in love with him since he played a psycho role in both) 


Okada Masaki (ST Scientific Task Force is where he blew me away and he had amazing bromance chemistry with Tatsuya Fujiwara) 


Ikuta Toma (Fell in love with him in the Brain Man and fell in love with his acting in that movie with a person who barely feels emotions)


Yamada Ryosuke (Fell in love with him in the JMovie called Grasshopper and he played a pschopathic character, me likey!) (He's also part of the Jpop group Hey Say Jump! Check them out~) 


Kamiki Ryunosuke (Fell in love with him in the JMovie As the God's Will because he played a creepy psycho character, took me that movie to fall in love with him since i did see him in Bloody Monday S2 as the hornet)


Hongo Kanata (Fell in love with him in Mirrai Nikki's first ep i watched and then in the JMovies Goth and Inuyashiki) 


Chiba Yudai (Fell in love with him in the JDrama Take Five, man his acting is phenomonal) 


Nakagawa Taishi (I was recommended to watch the JDrama My Little Lover by the JDrama Amino i am in and i gave it a try, i fell in love with him in that JDrama, He's also really close friends with YamaKen, I love their friendship) (He's getting to YamaKen's level in acting in Shoujo movies/adapted from manga roles)


Miura Shohei


Nomura Shuhei 


 Yoshizawa Ryo (I had my eyes on him for a while and then when Netflix released River's Edge, i watched and I absolutely loved his character as a gay one in this movie but also pitied his character for getting bullied so much in this movie. Later i found out he loves cats and he was in a movie about cats which is my next movie that i am gonna watch of his) 




My Favorite All-Time Japanese Actresses:

Toda Erika (Death Note JMovies got me to love her as her character Misa Amane, she was 18 yrs old when she played her role as Misa Amane and her acting was phenomanol, really love her)   

Kuriyama Chiaki (Fell in love with her in Flowers for Algernon and then after that in the popular JMovie Battle Royale where she acted a little psycho) 


Ayase Haruka (Fell in love with her in Never Let Me Go and omg her chemistry with Miura Haruma was on fire, really shipped them in that drama)


Kiritani Mirei (Fell in love with her in the A girl and three sweethearts and she was so adorable in that drama, really shipped her with YamaKen so much) (Heard she got married to her co-star Miura Shohei, congrats to her) 


Ashina Sei (Fell in love with her in ST Scientific Task Force then in Bloody Monday Seasons 1 and 2) 


Nanao (She's a total beauty and i first fell in love with her in the JMovie April Fool's and she needs a main role like seriously, all i have seen her in is supporting roles in JDramas and JMovies, she deseerves a main role, her acting is amazing, i feel like her acting gets overlooked since shes always in supporting roles)


Suzu Hirose 


My Favorite All-Time Korean Actors:

Kim Woo Bin 

Lee Jong Suk 


Lee Joon Gi (Lee Jun Ki)


Song Joong Ki


Park Bo Gum 


Lee Dong Wook 


Gong Yoo 


Seo in Guk 


Ahn Jae Hyun 


Park Hyung Sik


Park Hae Jin 


 Yoo Ah In  


Go Kyung Pyo


 Ji Soo 

Nam Joo Hyuk


Ji Chang Wook


Yeo Jin Goo 


Yang Se Jong 

Seo Kang Joon 


Ahn Hyo Seop 


Yoo Seung Ho 


Kwak Dong Yeon 

    Jung He In


Woo Do Hwan 

 Kim Min Jae

         Lee Jae Joon 

        Nam Goong Min


Kang Ji Hwan 

   Shim Hee Sub


Yoo Yeon Seok 

Kim Young Kwang 


Lee Yi Kyung


Jang Ki Yong


 Im Joo Hwan 

Joo Won 


Choi Jin Hyuk 


Shin Sung Rok 


Yoon Hyun Min 


Jo Jung Suk 


My Favorite All-Time Korean Actresses:

Park Bo Young 


Kim Go Eun 


Yoo In Na


Seo Ye Ji


Lee Elliya 



Shin Hye Sun


Kim Ji Won

Lee Sung Kyung 

Moon Chae Won 


Kim Seul Gi 


Jo Bo Ah

Favorite Actors/Actresses (Who are also Singers/Idol-Actors/Actresses)




Byun Baek Hyun 

Park Chan Yeol

Yook Sung Jae 

Lee Gi Kwang



Lee Jun Ho


Ok Taec Yeon


Hwang Chan Sung

Choi  Soo Young 

Cha Eun Woo


Jung Jin Young


Yoo Seon Ho





Lee Sung Yeol

Nam Woo Hyun





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