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South Wales, UK


South Wales, UK

안녕하세요! and welcome to my profile. 


I'll try and keep it short and sweet. I’m a bit of a mess.  This is Me:

Here are a few bands I listen to the most, But I listen to a lot and a lot of solo artists. I admit I listen to boy groups more, but I have started liking and listening to Girl Groups. But here are the ones I like the most right now.

Here are my Bias' from some of my favourite groups.

Kpop got me into Korean dramas in 2015, BTS is My Fav, I've been with them from the start of their fame and watched them grown, I'm a Jikook Supporter. I saw G-Dragon live in Birmingham 2017. I love Korean Culture

 I’m Aries year 94, I’m vegan, type 1 diabetic on insulin injections. I’m Welsh from the UK. I like to game and Playstation I prefer, I love to dance although I can’t do it well, I enjoy Anime from time to time, I work as a Customer Assistant for a supermarket.

I had 4 cats that are all named after Kpop stars. I only have 3 now. Zelo passed away from Cancer shortly before his 1st Birrthday. He has a twin Zico. They're biological brothers from the same litter. They were feral strays when we had them.

Pinterest: SeoulSisterSopi Pinterest

Twitter: SeoulSisterSopi Twitter

Tumblr: SeoulSisterSopi Tumblr

I will update my profile to be better when I figure out a style I like.

Here are my Favourite acting baes.

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