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I Just Finished a Drama
Editorials - Mar 18, 2014

Shaza has about 4 different reactions to finishing dramas. Are you the same?

If Only... Kimi ni Todoke had a Korean Version
Editorials - Feb 13, 2014

Did you ever watch Kimi ni Todoke and wonder, "If had a Korean version?" Join Shaza in dream casting this should-be-Kdrama.

What Dramaland Taught Me
Editorials - Aug 19, 2013

6 life lessons that Shaza has taken directly out of Dramaland~

Age Differences I Could/Couldn't Live With
Editorials - Jul 29, 2013

Shaza explains all of the cases in which she either could or couldn't accept an actor and actress (who portray an onscreen couple) with an age gap.

Why are you the second lead and not the first?
Editorials - Jun 14, 2013

Shaza describes a phenomenon we all encounter in some part of our lives. She discusses human nature and illustrates it with drama's.

6 Habits From Being a Drama Addict
Editorials - May 2, 2013

How do you recognize an Asian-Drama addict in a group of people? Shaza provides 6 typical habits that just might reveal that!

If Ouran High School Host Club Was A Korean Drama
Editorials - Mar 15, 2013

Shaza puts a Korean twist on the renowned Japanese manga, anime and drama, Ouran High School Host Club