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Kingston Jamaica


Kingston Jamaica

I like wide a cross-section of dramas, as you can see from my Fav Genre selections.

I'm trying to widen my tastes to explore more countries and more genres because variety is the spice of life. :D 

I'm always up for discussion on a drama or movie I've seen. I also welcome any suggestions  you may have.

||Here's what my ratings mean||

9.5/10- 10/10-->-  A+ AWESOMESAUCE AMAZEBALLS.  I loved it, flaws and all. The drama/ movie may not have been perfect but the way it made me feel was perfect. I probably re-watch scenes from these dramas/movies when I'm sad or bored for a pick me up LOL.

8.5/10-9/10--> A I REALLY. REALLY liked this one. There was probably something in the technical aspects of the drama whether it was the writing, cinematography or acting that made this stick out for me. There were probably other flaws but the overall quality of the drama/movie made me ignore those and ride it out in the end. I do not regret watching this at all. I re-watch these too. 

7.5/10-8/10--> B This show probably started out really promising and lagged a bit in the middle. The downsides were enough for me to skip ahead a bit or put the show aside for an hour or two. It didn't have that crack factor but it was still an enjoyable watch. This show was less balanced and one element ( an actor or particular storyline etc) might have been my reason to finish.

6.5/10-7/10--> B-  This show disappointed me somewhere along the way. Like deeply disappointed me. Maybe the plot got too makjang or perhaps the female lead lost all agency ...I'm not sure but something spoiled a pretty promising story. Still, it was good enough for me to finish watching (maybe). I may have become bored with this drama/ movie as well but least for the first half  I liked it.

5/10-6.0-->  C Sigh. I liked approximately 25-30% of this show. I probably thought about dropping it a few times. I may have put it on hold for a couple of weeks but I did not want to admit defeat. I will probably finish this but I won't be happy about it. 

> 4/10--> D Anything below 5 I will probably drop, there are a few that snuck in but this was early in my drama watching life when I thought I HAD to finish a drama once I started. I no longer hold the same philosophy

I love connecting to other drama fans around the world and locally since I'm a lone drama watcher. Sharing is caring.  So spread the love y'all. Drop me a line or send me a request :) let's chat about something we both like... Asian Dramas & Movies!!!




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