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Student A korean drama review
Student A
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by Pingukkie
Nov 25, 2018
Overall 9.0
Story 9.5
Acting/Cast 9.0
Music 8.0
Rewatch Value 7.5
"It is okay to cry when you are sad."

A short, yet beautiful bildungsroman.

Middle School Girl A is an endearing movie about two people--facing struggles in life and feeling complete hopelessness--coming together and comforting each other through their struggles. This movie highlights issues ranging from bullying to domestic violence to suicidal tendencies. It showcases how two unlikely people can meet and become each others' beacons of light through their darkest moments.

Kim Hwan Hee portrayed Jang Mi Rae phenomenally. She completely captured the essence of an outcasted middle school girl's struggles. I couldn't help but sympathize and pity Mi Rae through every hardship she experienced; it so vividly reminds me of days where I felt in similar positions. My heart undividedly ached for her through the entirety of the movie. Kim Junmyeon // Suho did a fine job playing Jae Hee. It was convincing enough that I also felt for his character, but didn't stand out in any particular way.

The supporting cast played their roles decently as well. Jung Da Bin was very convincing in her mannerisms as Baek Hab. The rest of the students were alright, but it's clear they lack the experience of both Hwan Hee and Da Bin. One of the teachers played a more comedic role, and he was just over-the-top to where his character was humorous, but not too much to where he'd seem insincere.

The music, or often lack thereof, fit the movie's more realistic tone very well. As such, there weren't very memorable moments, but the directing created a befitting atmosphere throughout the entire movie.

Overall, it was a very refreshing watch. I love how the movie addressed real conflicts, and the final message hit close to home. Don't bottle up all of your feelings; it's okay to cry when you want to.
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