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Drama History

SimbiAni Last updated Sep 26, 2017

Mainly following a pattern of actor-linkage, but sometimes end up watching random titles & then have even more to add to the "watch later" pile, ahaha ;P Also not counting the "lost years" (early thru mid-2000s) when I'd watched via the International Channel (old cable network in the US), as that's all quite ~vague; so this list begins officially with finding YaB on NF in Dec2012 xD Right after finishing YaB, jumped into both Mary (via Hulu) & Heartstrings (Netflix), but eventually got lost in time once more, due to ongoing RL issues (siigh).. ¬.¬; Until a year later, in spring 2014, when I'd noticed a mention of Rooftop Roomcat in an old journal (from mid-2000s), so I dug it up online (yay, CrunchyRoll) & voila! Instant re-addiction to K-dramas all over again! ^__^ I still rember one of the first Asian series I got into was MARS, & someday I hope to revisit / finish it. Briefly caught some of K-sitcom Nonstop4 while on a JKS spree in 2013, but can't rember where.. ~*~