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                                                                 WELCOME TO MY PAGE        

                                                             I'm Simron!!!!! Nice to meet you all

                         I'm quite new to this community but I've been watching dramas since 2014. I got introduced to dramaland by one of my friend who recommended me to watch playful kiss. Although I was not a big a fan of that drama, I got interested in some other worthy dramas and the rest is history.

I also love reading books and painting. I'm an outgoing person or rather was because after getting into this addiction I prefer laptop and a bucket of ice cream over any fancy outings!!!!!

"You are 18 years old, go and get a life or a boyfriend!!!!!" : This is what my friends say to me every time I make an excuse of bunking the hangouts or parties.Even my mother does her best to kick me out of the room once in a while but what can I say, we drama-addicts are not so easy!!!!!

I'm also into k-pop but not not like crazy!!!!!! I only love to listen to the songs and I absolutely adore BTS and BIG-BANG!!!!!

I used to like romance genre, but after watching many of the repeated plots I'm over them. I love psychological thrillers.

My new obsession is j-dramas or singularly Oguri Shun. He is hot as hell as well as he is such a versatile actor.

I rate dramas according to my own opinions, so don't bash me if u love the dramas I hate.

I'm always in for friends so if u want want one, u can send me friend requests.

This is all I can do for my profile, so nice meeting you all.


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