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Hi! I'm Steff~

I started watching Korean dramas in 2012 on the recommendation of my aunt. My first drama was Playful Kiss, which hooked me a lot, so I remember it very fondly. In 2014, I decided to start watching Japanese dramas as well, and although I've seen only few of these, I'm open to receiving recommendations.

My favorite genre is romantic comedy, followed by mystery and friendship, but I watch everything. Besides watching dramas, my other hobbies are watching anime and listening to music (mostly kpop) ^^

My rating is quite subjective: 9 - 10 I give to the dramas that I loved the story, I enjoyed each chapter and I liked the characters. 8 - 8,5 for dramas that seemed more original and interesting than average. 7 - 7,5 for dramas that seemed ok or good. 6 for dramas that bored me sometimes, but not that they're super bad. 1-5 for dramas that I only finished because I had started it, but I don't consider them of good quality.

That's all, thanks for reading~


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