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new york


new york

Not Much to say actually.

I am a young artist and i aspire to be one, love to draw and paint.

I also love watching anime and manga's and i also love drawing them, i love reading novels especially romance. I am addicted to romance everything romance it's very meaningful actually,I like to watch drama, anything you recommend to me i am quite likely to watch it actually, I'm quite friendly so if i negatively react to something you say to me it's probably a mistake don't hesitate to speak to me or message me, thank you.


see, I haven’t changed this self explanation thingy in like years so let me just say, i dont want to become an artist anymore pfft, safe to say that I actually have no idea what i want do to with my life for now. However, i still love drawing and creating art, it’ll always be a hobby of mine. As for anime and manga i am still interested but it’s been so long since i last watched one, tokyo ghould and attack on titan are still great interests though. And judging how I’m still here, yes i love drama still.


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