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안녕 여러분! ^-~

Hi everyone!

I am Sun_Bird and I'm a '96liner. Currently living in the Netherlands. I stareted watching dramas in high school and now I'm completely addicted. A week without a drama is a wasted one :D My first drama was Personal Taste

I'm learning korean, whenever I have free time I study :) [plus dutch and french]

I also listen to Kpop, so you can call me a total Korea addict n_n

My ultimate bias is Sandeul from B1A4. He's handsome, cute, funny and above it all he has a wonderful voice  *^*tumblr_m7kcdkekS71qb7fvmo1_500.gif

My fav artists: DPR live, Crush, Loco, Dean, B1A4, PLT, Thama, Sunmi, offonoff, (G)I-DLE, Hyolin, Day6, VIXX and many many many others :D

my playlists

The other thing I love about Korea are variety shows *-* They always make my day :D I really like Running Man, Weekly Idol, 2 Days & 1 Night, Hello counselor... :D 

tumblr_lml6wx7Sbf1qk2u4ao1_500.giftumblr_m9uef296fY1qhtvdio1_400.gif ( not much there :D ) ( my passion *-* )

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